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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.423]

Opening Ceremony of Our Steel Tire Cord Manufacturing and Sales Company in Thailand

At the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of Sumiden Hyosung Steel Cord (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SHST) was held on November 2. The company was established jointly by Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. and Hyosung Corporation.

In December 2010, we concluded an agreement with Hyosung Corporation, a Korean leading manufacturer of textile tire cords, to jointly set up a new manufacturing company of steel tire cords, which are used for automotive tire reinforcement. In Nanjing, China, Hyosung Sumiden Steel Cord (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. is already in operation. On top of that, in Thailand, SHST was established in March 2011, and now we are pleased to announce that the company’s plant has been completed.

Serving as a base for handling not only domestic demand in Thailand but also exports to foreign countries, SHST is ready to provide steel tire cords on a global basis.

Profile of SHST

Company name Sumiden Hyosung Steel Cord(Thailand)Co., Ltd.
Location Amata City Industrial Estate, Rayong, Thailand
Capital 1.13 billion baht
(approx. 3 billion yen, 1 THB = approx. 2.6 JPY)
Investment ratio Sumitomo Electric: 70%, Hyosung: 30%
President Toshihiko Niki
Employees Approx. 400 (prospect as of 2013)
Sales volume Approx. 3,000 t/month (in 2014)
Sales prospect Approx. 5.5 billion yen (in 2014)

Special Steel Wire Division

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