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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.423]

Launch of End Mills with Secure Holding Design for High-Efficiency Machining of Hard-to-Cut Materials

Safe-Lock holders and Sumitomo Electric’s Safe-Lock-compatible cemented carbide end mills

Sumitomo Electric launches a new family of anti-vibration GSX MILL end mills for steel machining and anti-vibration SSEH end mills for cutting hard-to-cut materials. These products are designed for the secure holder Safe-Lock Tool Clamping System, manufactured and distributed by German company Haimer GmbH.

When machining hard-to-cut materials for aircraft, spacecraft and power generation equipment applications, or performing heavy-duty cutting of large automotive or mold parts, the high load applied to the tool causes the end mill to be pulled out of or slip in the holder. Safe-Lock is a system designed to prevent these problems. The new products enable stable machining even when the end mill is under especially high load, prevents damage to the workpiece caused by the tool being pulled out, and reduces waste such as workpiece disposal and reworking. Moreover, Safe-Lock is unique in that it is designed to enable tool protrusion adjustments. Clamping a resharpened end mill at the same protrusion as before reduces machining costs.

Haimer Japan K.K., Haimer GmbH’s Japanese subsidiary, provides different types of holders and shrink-fit devices, including shrink-fit and collet chucks.

  GSXVLS for steel SSEH for hard-to-cut materials
Cutting edge diameter 12mm~25mm 12mm~25mm
Anti-vibration Radius 17 Items 8 Items
Anti-vibration Square 7 Items -
Radius - 8 Items
■Standard Price

GSXVLS Square, GSXVLS 4160-2.5D: ¥34,500 (¥36,225 including tax)

Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.

Hardmetal Div.

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