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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.421]

Sumitomo Electric’s Tool Engineering Services Strongly Support Customers in the Manufacturing Field.

Sumitomo Electric has systematized its tool engineering services to ensure customer satisfaction for machining. In particular, we strongly support our customers in their manufacturing through such engineering services as technical training in our Tool Engineering Centers, test machining of workpieces, technical consultation, visiting diagnoses of machining lines, and suggestions for effective tooling.

Tool engineering service


Extensive education and training on cutting tools and machining techniques from basics to application



Training on machine tools with a focus on practical machining


Easy-to-understand training in an uninterrupted atmosphere


Detailed explanation of machined workpiece surfaces, chips, cutting tools used and other items with trainees

Test machining

Suggestion of the best solution for a specific machining problem by test-machining customers’ actual workpieces and using the most advanced performance evaluation techniques

Sumitomo Electric clarifies problematic points by visualizing the cutting conditions with state-of-the-art measuring instruments.

Technical consultation

Troubleshooting and technical proposals based on the latest cutting tool information, machining database, and other technical information

Sumitomo Electric suggests technical improvements based on machining databases and investigation results for the causes of cutting tool failures.

Tooling suggestions

Suggestions concerning tool selection, tooling, estimated cutting tool life, and solutions to anticipated problems with newly constructed machining lines

Sumitomo Electric suggests appropriate cutting tools, machining conditions, estimated tool life, and necessary machining time.

Machining line diagnosis

Supporting customers’ technical improvement activities through investigation of their machining lines currently in operation, suggestion of effective improvement methods, and test machining

Sumitomo Electric provides technical consultation and diagnoses customers’ machining lines in order to suggest the best solutions.

Tool Engineering Centers

Sumitomo Electric operates tool engineering centers in five locations in Japan and three locations abroad as tool engineering service bases. These tool engineering centers are equipped with the latest machine tools, analyzers/measuring instruments, seminar rooms and other equipment and devices. In each engineering center, specialized staff members are waiting for your contact. These centers are located close to you to provide problem-solving-oriented engineering services, such as test machining and results evaluation, holding technical seminars and tooling services.



Itami Tool Engineering Center (I-TEC)

■Itami Tool Engineering Center (I-TEC)

The home base for Sumitomo Electric’s tool engineering centers equipped with the largest number of machines and measuring instruments

Address 1-1-1 Koyakita, Itami, Hyogo
Established 2006
■Yokohama Tool Engineering Center (Y-TEC)

Tool engineering service base in eastern Japan

Address 1 Taya-cho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa
Established 2008
■Hokkaido Igetalloy Tool Engineering Center (Hi-TEC)

Established as an annex to the cemented carbide tool mass-production base, Hi-TEC also develops indexable inserts.

Address 776 Aza Naie, Naie-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido
Established 2009
■Tokai Tool Engineering Center (T-TEC)

Tool engineering service base in the Chukyo region Established as an annex to the drill mass-production base, T-TEC specializes in drill-related engineering services.

Address 2500-5 Oaza Ogohara, Komono-cho, Mie-gun, Mie
Established 2011
■Kyushu Tool Engineering Center (K-TEC)

Equipped with an ultra-precision machining evaluation system, K-TEC is distinguished by its development and evaluation of miniature cutting tools. Established as an annex to the end mill mass-production base, K-TEC particularly specializes in end mill related engineering services.

Address 2374 Oaza Fukumo, Omachi-cho, Kishima-gun, Saga
Established 2012


■Thailand Tool Engineering Center (TI-TEC) (Thailand)

Aiming to promote the advancement of cutting tool use technology in Thailand, the “Detroit of the Orient,” TI-TEC opens its door to all tool users.

Address 102 Moo 9, Welgrow Industrial Estate, Bangna-Trad Road,Bangwua,Bangpakong, Chachoengsao 24180, Thailand
Established 2006
■Sumitomo Electric Shanghai Tool Engineering Center (S-TEC) (China)

Equipped with processing machines made in China, S-TEC is a locally based tool engineering center. Many Chinese customers visit S-TEC.

Address 158 Xu Xiang Lu, Qing Pu Qu, Shanghai
Established 2011

European Design & Engineering Center (E-DEC) (Germany)

■European Design & Engineering Center (E-DEC) (Germany)

E-DEC is enhancing its functions as a base for customer engineering services and original cutting tool development in Europe, the home of cutting tool development.

Address Industrie Strasse 2, 73466 Lauchheim, Germany
Established 2012
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