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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.420]

Glorious Excellent Company Award Ceremony

Masayoshi Matsumoto, President and CEO

The Glorious Excellent Company Award Ceremony was held at our Osaka head office the other day. The award clarifies missions to be fulfilled by Group companies as evaluation criteria, and honors the top 20 or so companies in our Group recognized to have achieved excellent results. The purpose of the award is to promote Sumitomo Electric Group’s entire business operations with a stronger sense of unity and cohesion toward the realization of a Glorious Excellent Company. This year’s ceremony marked the sixth anniversary.

The award is granted based on the judgment of absolute requirements of safety and compliance, as well as various management indicators and the quantitative level of plan achievement. In addition, evaluation by our General Managers is taken into account. This year’s Glorious Excellent Company Award was given to 19 companies selected from among approximately 130 companies, while the special award was given to five companies that have continuously contributed to the entire Group. The award winning companies were from a wide variety of countries, such as Japan, Italy, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the U.S., and Mexico. As usual, a reward party was held for the award-winning companies’ representatives and Sumitomo Electric’s directors and executive officers. The party served as a good opportunity for participants to actively exchange opinions, making the party even more significant.

Currently, the Sumitomo Electric Group comprises approximately 450 companies in more than 30 countries (approximately 300 of which are located outside Japan), with the number of our employees on a consolidated base exceeding approximately 200,000 (approximately 160,000 of whom work outside Japan). Each of our Group companies always works hard to achieve its own targets in a vertically structured business unit. Additionally, I believe that it is important to ensure that the attitude of all the Group companies, regardless of their location, is oriented in the same direction toward achievement of our ultimate goal of the realization of a Glorious Excellent Company, as well as to visualize the level of each company’s contributions to the entire Group and to make an appropriate evaluation for such contributions.

Our Group’s invaluable assets include our wide variety of customers and business sectors. By making a good combination and blend of these elements, we can create new business opportunities. Meanwhile, by making cross-sectional use of successful examples of each Group company’s SEQCDD (safety, environment, quality, cost, delivery, and research & development) efforts, we can further enhance our entire Group’s corporate structure.

We will continue to adopt a two-pronged strategy: making the above-mentioned cross-sectional efforts and, at the same time, establishing a transparent organization like “a pyramid of crystal.”


Masayoshi Matsumoto


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