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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.420]

Group Company of the Month: SPON

Established in August 2010 in Nanjing, China, SEI-Nanjing Putian Optical Network Co., Ltd. (SPON) is an optical networking equipment manufacturing company founded jointly with Nanjing Putian Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (investment ratio: Sumitomo Electric 50%, Nanjing Putian 50%). To establish its presence in the rapidly growing optical communications network FTTH market in China, the company is striving to increase its market share by combining optical networking equipment technologies of Sumitomo Electric, which boasts excellent achievements in Japan, and sales capabilities of Nanjing Putian, which possesses a strong sales network in the Chinese market.

【レポーター】SPON 技術部  西岡 大造

Report from SEI-Nanjing Putian Optical Network Co., Ltd., pursuing its themes of high quality and low cost to survive increasingly fierce competition from rivals

Daizo Nishioka
SPON Engineering Division


Making concerted efforts to increase our share in the large Chinese market by repeatedly conducting careful coordination and close cooperation with in-house divisions and outside parts manufacturers

SEI-Nanjing Putian Optical Network Co., Ltd. (SPON) is located in the southwest part of Nanjing, in Jiangsu Province, China. When the company was established, I transferred here to establish the structure of the company’s Engineering Division, to which I belong as manager, and to start up a manufacturing line. When I began such efforts, I had a lot of difficulties working in such a different environment from that of Japan. However, our operation successfully launched without problems, largely thanks to cooperation from the many parties concerned. Currently, we are diversifying our job areas: on top of improving the existing products and promoting cost-cutting, we are putting more emphasis on developing new products to ensure further growth.

The FTTH market in China showed dramatic growth at the beginning of 2011, and such growth is expected to continue. However, with more than 30 rival manufacturers, the competition is very fierce and is intensifying as the days go by. As a result, the highest importance is in boldly promoting cost-cutting while maintaining quality. Meanwhile, in the rapidly changing Chinese market, it is essential to ensure careful coordination and close cooperation with in-house divisions and outside parts manufacturers on a daily basis. Despite these difficulties, all the staff members at SPON are making concerted efforts to increase our share in the large Chinese market.


SPON staff members


Working at the office

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Chang Juntao

Chang Juntao

Hello. I am Chang Juntao of the Quality Assurance Div. Since I started working for SPON in October 2010, I’ve been in charge of quality control. I feel that the Sumitomo Electric Group truly emphasizes quality control. I’ve been given many opportunities to participate in group activities and seminars for Group companies in China to study how to make sure that everything at your facilities is perfectly in order. Thanks to this, I can learn about many important things, such as how every tiny job has its own value. Although SPON is a young company and I haven’t accumulated enough experience yet, all the members are working together for the company’s bright future.

Wang Juan

Wang Juan

Hello, everyone! I am Wang Juan of the Finance Department, and I’m from Nanjing. I’ve been engaged in accounting since SPON’s establishment in August 2010. SPON is an energetic company, and often holds events such as sports festivals on holidays. Called the “ancient capital of six dynasties,” Nanjing boasts many sightseeing destinations and a wide variety of delicious dishes. Please visit our excellent city. As the champion of a SPON table tennis competition, I look forward to making friends with you by playing table tennis.

[Places of Interest] Nanjing with many historic structures and sightseeing spots
Citizens who love greenery

Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province. Home to approximately 7.5 million people, Nanjing is one of China’s most populous cities. Thanks to the development of the rapid-transit railway network in recent years, it now takes only one hour from the city to Shanghai and three and a half hours to Beijing, providing good transportation access.

In the Three Kingdoms period, a capital was established in the city by Sun Quan of Wu; and in the age of the Republic of China by the Chinese Nationalist Party, a provisional government was established in the city by Sun Yat-sen, called the Father of the Revolution. Thus, the city has been under various forms of influence as the political center of China. This has enabled the city to feature many historic structures and sightseeing spots. Approximately 15 minutes’ drive from the city center is Purple Mountain. On the mountain is Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum with his body enshrined, as well as the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum for an emperor of the Ming Dynasty, registered as a world’s cultural heritage site.

Additionally, Nanjing Fuzimiao to enshrine Confucius is located at almost the center of the city. Inside Nanjing Fuzimiao is the beautiful scenery of the Qinhuai River, as well as the country’s former largest examination venue where 20,000 people at a time once took the Imperial Examination, a system that continued for up to 1300 years. Nanjing Fuzimiao attracts many tourists night and day.

Although Nanjing is a large city, trees and plants are found everywhere. Greenery can be found even in companies, indicating that people of the city really love greenery.


Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum (divine path with statues)


Nanjing Fuzimiao


Stinky tofu famous in Nanjing Fuzimiao’s food stall street


Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, designed and built with China’s own technologies


A Japanese major electrical appliance store operator’s third branch in China


The former presidential office


Company Profile


Company name SEI-Nanjing Putian Optical Network Co., Ltd.
Established August 2010
Business Manufacture and sales of field assembly optical connectors, optical branch modules
Representative Yoshiyuki Suetsugu
Employees 350 (as of May 2012)
(Japanese expats: 3)
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