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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.418]

Danger Simulation Room Expanded at Technical Training Center

The Technical Training Center in Itami Works plays a central role in providing training in manufacture for the Sumitomo Electric Group. The Center’s danger simulation room, recently expanded, is equipped with danger simulators to enable trainees to virtually experience the physical sensations involved in dangerous situations, in addition to receiving classroom lectures and viewing video programs.


This material-laden forklift shows the driver a poor view.

More specifically, trainees experience stumbling on stairs or at differences in level, the risks of forklift blind spots and crashes caused by one-sided loads, as well as becoming caught in equipment, and static electricity causing fire and dust explosion. These real experience training programs and traditional safety training help establish a corporate culture that gives top priority to safety. Sumitomo Electric carries out continuous safety and health campaign efforts on a corporate-wide basis, with the goal of removing all dangers and hazardous factors from its workplaces, so as to realize perfect occupational safety.


Expanded danger simulation room


The roller rotates at 60 rpm. The trainee holds a plastic plate representing a human hand; when pulled into the roller, it demonstrates that, once caught, there is no easy escape.


Various shop floor conditions are reproduced to enable trainees to experience slippery footing.

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