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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.418]

Group Company of the Month: WIN-I

The predecessor of PT. Sumitomo Electric Wintec Indonesia (WIN-I), PT. Optec DD Indonesia, was established as a subsidiary of Daiichi Denko Co., Ltd. in 1995. Through integration of the magnet wire businesses, the company joined the Sumitomo Electric Group in 2002, and became fully owned by Sumitomo Electric in 2008. With its monthly production capacity of 900 t, the company boasts the largest production (800 t/month) of magnet wire for electrical equipment applications among the global bases of Sumitomo Electric Wintec Inc.

【Reporter】SCM Kathryn Numrych

Report from WIN-I, which promotes sales expansion by supplying high quality magnet wire products.

Nobuhiko Nakajima


Managing a wide range of businesses ? from business planning to marketing ? as General Manager in the Administration Div.

WIN-I is located 30 km east of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, in an industrial park in Bekasi, West Java. I stayed in Indonesia from April 2007 to March 2012, as General Manager in the Administration Div. of the company. I was responsible for a wide variety of business operations, including project planning and equipment investment planning in cooperation with the Manufacturing Div., as well as daily business operations in accounting, finance, tax matters, purchasing and logistics, information systems, and sales and marketing.

Under the stable second administration of President Yudhoyono, Indonesia has seen significant economic growth, accelerated by the expansion of domestic demand due to the increase in the younger population. In particular, motorcycles are selling in huge numbers as an everyday means of transportation because of the country’s inadequate public transportation infrastructure. In 2010, 7.4 million motorcycles were sold, and in 2011 sales exceeded 8 million.

For several years, WIN-I has been promoting sales of magnet wires, targeting the field of electrical equipment used in motorcycles and automotives, in response to the expanding domestic demand. We focus on planning and implementing appropriate equipment investment to supply high quality magnet wire products, by carefully checking our production capacity and sales volumes, as well as monitoring our clients’ plans for production increase. Through such efforts, all members of WIN-I work together to enhance our clients’ satisfaction and at the same time increase our sales.


SCM newsletter GEC News


SCM office members

■Profile of Local Staff Members

William Fingleton (Nickname: Bill)

Bonar Sinaga

How do you do? I am Bonar Sinaga, Senior Assistant Manager in the Manufacturing Div. After joining the company in 1997, I was placed in charge of production control. Then in 2005, I was transferred to the General Affairs Dept., in which I took care of personnel matters and also negotiations with the labor union. In 2011, I was assigned back to the Manufacturing Div. Now, I am newly in charge of manufacturing site management, in addition to production control. I am confident that my experiences in the General Affairs Dept. will be a great help to my future work.

Carl Vogt

Ida Metty Armiaty

Hello. I am Ida, Assistant Manager of the Accounting and Finance Dept. I started working for the company in 2008. Since then, I have been in charge of financial accounting. Last year, I started studying management accounting based on comparisons between predetermined and actual costs. Through the project to introduce the predetermined cost accounting system, I learned about Sumitomo Electric’s accounting methods in detail. I would like to contribute to increasing our company’s profits by providing more detailed management data to the executive team.

[Places of Interest] Powerful economic growth as a background

The Milwaukee Art Museum seen from Lake Michigan

High-class shopping centers and alleys in Jakarta

In recent years, many large shopping centers have opened in Jakarta and they are now full of shoppers. Jakarta used to be notorious for its poor public safety, and business people visiting from abroad were often advised not to go out at night. The new large shopping centers, however, have very tight security and we can feel completely safe shopping for groceries or daily necessities at these places. Meanwhile, the narrow alleys in the city are lined with many stalls and small shops. In such places, people seem to be enjoying shopping in the traditional way. I feel that the contrast between the two shopping styles well represents today’s Indonesia.


The motorcycle sanctuary: the Harley-Davidson Museum


Miniature motorcycle made with motorcycle components

Visit by President of the United States

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, spent four years of his childhood in Jakarta. Since his inauguration in 2009, he often expressed his hope to visit Indonesia and this became a reality in 2010. I believe this clearly expresses his attitude of giving importance to the diplomatic relationship with Indonesia, the only G20 summit member chosen from among ASEAN countries. Although his visit was only for one day on his way to the APEC meeting held in Yokohama, he was enthusiastically welcomed by the Indonesian people. The house in which President Obama lived for two years from age nine, still exists in the Menten district in Jakarta, and attracts quite a number of tourists. Outside the school that he attended now stands a bronze statue depicting the President in his boyhood.


Miller Brewing Factory(Factory tour with free tasting is very popular)


Many Wisconsin beers


Miller Park, the home ground of the Milwaukee Brewers


Watching a major league game at Miller Park


Company Profile


Company name PT. Sumitomo Electric Wintec Indonesia
Established October 1995
Business Manufacture and sales of magnet wires
Representative Yukihide Ito
Employees 200 (as of March 2012)
(Japanese expats: 5)
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