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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.415]

Group Company of the Month: K&S MEX

Sistemas De Arneses K&S Mexicana, S.A. De C.V. is responsible for production/development/sales of wire harnesses used in Mexico and the United States. This company was established in 1996 as a subsidiary of K&S Wiring Systems, Inc., in the United States. In October 2011, it became fully owned by Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. as a consequence of its acquisition of K&S Wiring Systems, Inc. The company's head office and warehouse are located in the northern part of the city of Aguascalientes, while the factory is located far from the head office in an area close to the border between Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi states.

【レポーター】K&S MEX 真鍋 淳

A report from K&S MEX, which is expanding its factory and also constructing a new factory in anticipation of increased demand for wire harnesses in North America and Latin America.

Atsushi Manabe of K&S MEX

Expanded wire harness production in response to increasing customer needs in Mexico and local procurement of necessary materials and components

Eighteen months have already passed since I arrived in Aguascalientes in June 2010 for my new post. At present, I am responsible for managing sales tasks in Mexico. I am particularly involved in price negotiations with customers and acceptance of orders for wire harnesses to be used in new vehicle models, while also managing debt and credit disposal, invoicing, product delivery to customers, product design modification, sales/profit control, etc.

During the second half of FY2008 to FY2009, our sales dropped dramatically due to the collapse of the U.S. subprime mortgage market and subsequent downturn in demand and sharply reduced production by our customers. However, in and after FY2010, our customers have been increasing production in response to demand recovery in the United States and in anticipation of new demand in emerging Latin American countries. From the standpoints of geographical relations and economic cooperation agreements with these countries, manufacturers are paying particular attention to Mexico as their production bases for products that will be consumed in the North American and Latin American markets. In view of this trend, K&S MEX has been expanding its existing factory and constructing a new factory to put into full operation from FY2012.

To increase our sales in the medium-to-long-term range in such growing markets, we must defeat our competitors by expanding the production of wire harnesses in response to customer demands and promoting local procurement of necessary components. At K&S MEX, all employees are working together to make our production system more competitive.

■Profile of Local Staff Members

Horacio Ortiz Orpineda

Horacio Ortiz Orpineda

Mr. Orpineda is an engineer assigned to the Production Control Dept. He is responsible for in-house production scheduling, inventory control, finished product warehouse administration, as well as delivery of products to customers in compliance with their production schedules, advance unofficial purchase orders, and firm purchase orders. His goal is to realize low cost production and delivery of products in response to each customer’s unique requirements. Ever since joining our company, he has endeavored to support his subordinates and demonstrate leadership in everyday tasks, with the firm belief that teamwork is essential to attain his goals.

Omar Rodriguez Cendejas

Omar Rodriguez Cendejas

As an engineer assigned to the Quality Assurance Dept., Mr. Cendejas directly contacts our customers to certify the quality of our products, fix customer complaints, and analyze the causes of production defects. He also manages the plan for a specific new vehicle model project, from the development of products to final delivery to customers. If a problem is raised, he inquires into its root cause to implement appropriate corrective measures in each process. He actually realizes that working at an automotive parts company is helping him grow as a person and engineer.

[Places of interest] You can enjoy good meals and fantastic sightseeing in Mexico!
There are 29 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mexico.

Some 500 km from Mexico City, 240 km from Guadalajara, and 580 km from Monterrey, the state of Aguascalientes is located in central highlands that are the most industrialized in Mexico. Many companies operate businesses in this state.

With a population of 900,000 people, the state capital is the 13th largest city in Mexico. Located relatively close to Mexico’s major cities as described above, the state capital is full of energy. Throughout the country, a total of 29 heritage sites including Mesoamerican Archaeological Site, colonial cities built by Spaniards, and nature reserves have been registered as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Although it is unfortunate that Mexico does not have any long nationwide leave system comparable to Japan’s Golden Week holidays, Bon holidays, or New Year holidays, we can enjoy visiting many attractive tourist spots around the country.

Aqueduct in a suburb of Aguascalientes City

Aztec pyramids in Teotihuacan in a suburb of Mexico City

Temple of Saint Mark in the central part of Aguascalientes City

Professional soccer team Necaxa playing on its home ground with Mexico City’s prestigious team Azul

Tortillas and tequila!

Without a doubt, the most popular Mexican food is the tortilla, a staple food of Mexican people made by baking thin corn dough together with various chili peppers. Some chili peppers taste painful rather than hot. Speaking of liquors, tequila is most popular among people in Mexico. They frequently drink tequila and enjoy dancing. For us foreigners living at high altitude with thin air, dancing after drinking this hard liquor causes us to gasp for breath. In contrast, most of the local people enjoy their time brightly and merrily while drinking this liquor without getting drunk.

Salsa and totopos Tacos Three types of pozole imitating the national flag

Company Profile


Company name Sistemas De Arneses K&S Mexicana, S.A. De C.V.
Established July 1996
Business Production/sales of wire harnesses
Representative Makoto Katsuyama
Employees 1,647 (as of December 2011)
(Japanese expats:9)
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