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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.414]

Affiliate Company of the Month: Sumiden Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd.

Sumiden Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd., wholly invested by Sumitomo Electric, was founded in November 2000 in the Seishin Industrial Park in Nishi-ku, Kobe as a production site for gallium arsenide (GaAs), a compound semiconductor material. In 2004, joined by a plant at Itami Works, Sumiden Semiconductor Materials began to produce indium phosphide (InP). The company contributes to society as a leading business supplying compound semiconductor materials to clients throughout the world for use in cellular phone and optical communication devices and LEDs for displays.

Leading Manufacturer of Compound Semiconductors Supporting Global Telecommunications

Compound semiconductors, such as GaAs and InP, characterized by their high-speed operation and light emitting and sensing capabilities, are used in the aforementioned applications. Since data traffic has increased from the use of smartphones and optical communication devices, demand for compound semiconductors has grown each year.

Sumitomo Electric began research and development on compound semiconductors in 1962 and succeeded in commercializing them ahead of its competitors. Sumiden Semiconductor Materials uses Sumitomo Electric's manufacturing technologies to mass-produce compound semiconductors. The company's world-leading quality and mass-production technologies are based on their strengths in growing high-quality large crystals by the Vertical Boat (VB) method, as well as in processing and cleaning with stable quality. To maintain or improve the high level of manufacturing technology, the company's plants in Kobe and Itami actively promote better manufacturing practices and have been constantly higher ranking winners of Sumitomo Electric's annual Group Global Competition.

To distribute materials to the company's clients throughout the world, Sumiden Semiconductor Materials supplies crystals grown by the VB method to its manufacturing subsidiaries in America, Taiwan and China for conducting downstream processes close to the clients.

■Workplace Atmosphere

Improve communication at work cheerfully passing the time of day.

Tree planting cerebrating company's 10th anniversary

The company has many customers in the rapidly changing electronics market and is faced with the challenge of constant demand fluctuation. Furthermore, crystal growth is demanding work, necessitating uninterrupted operation. However, the workplace is filled with vigor and we strive daily to meet customer demand. A greeting exercise is practiced in the morning assembly every day to enhance communication in the workplace.
Last year to cerebrate the 10th anniversary of the company, we planted a tree on the premises of the Kobe plant. Employees are all motivated to achieve steady growth as with the tree.

Future Developments

In 2011, we founded our third overseas manufacturing affiliate in China in an effort to globally deploy our production sites. To meet customer requirements for quality, price and delivery date, which have become tighter and tighter each year, we will strengthen cooperation with our overseas manufacturing subsidiaries and, as their mother plant, will make vigorous efforts to achieve quality improvements and cost reductions.

Company Profile

Established November 2000
Representative Tetsuya Inoue, President
Capital 490 million yen
Employees 260
Business bases Kobe and Itami, Hyogo

Kobe plant


Itami plant

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