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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2012

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.412]

Affiliate Company of the Month: Hokkaido Steel Wire Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido Steel Wire Co., Ltd. was established in October 2005 in Muroran City, Hokkaido, an island with vast terrain and landscape lying at Japan' s northern extremity. The company is a manufacturing subsidiary for oil-tempered wires for valve springs, one of the most promising products in the Sumitomo Electric Group’s materials business. It is located on the premises of Nippon Steel Corporation' s Muroran Works, the steel manufacturer' s largest production base for special steel bars and wire rods. Taking advantage of its integrated production system that covers materials to secondary processed products, Hokkaido Steel Wire offers products of world-class quality.

"Steel" is the Origin of Our Business
Delivering the World' s Top level Performance and Quality from Muroran

Since Sumitomo Electric began manufacturing piano wires for valve springs used in aircraft engines in 1932, we have accumulated related technologies and know-how for more than 70 years. The Sumitomo Electric Group has developed and commercialized steel wires for high precision springs used in automobiles and home appliances, oil-tempered wires for valve springs used in essential automotive components, and a wide range of other products, thereby supporting the very foundations of industry.

In 2006, Hokkaido Steel Wire commenced its operations as a manufacturing plant specializing in oil-tempered wires for valve springs, with a monthly production capacity of 300 tons. Today, the company has become a major production center, having increased capacity to 700 tons per month. Although the number of employees is small, 38 excellent employees work diligently night and day.

Products ready for shipment


Valve spring oil-tempered wires (front) and processed into springs by our customers

■Workplace Atmosphere

Spirited young employees exchange their opinions and ideas, and continue to grow

Hokkaido Steel Wire, founded six years ago, is among the youngest domestic manufacturing companies of the Sumitomo Electric Group. While Muroran is an industrial city, it also boasts one of Japan’s major fishing ports and is blessed with places of scenic beauty, such as Mt. Muroran and Cape Chikyu. In such surroundings, employees are encouraged to learn and grow, continuously pursuing technological innovation and higher levels of quality.

Morning meeting " G-katsu " (improvement activity) meeting
The Company' s first shipment in 2006 Hakucho Bridge and Mt. Yotei
Future Developments

We will exercise the agility that can be achieved by taking advantage of a lean and young workforce and further improve the quality of our products and services to offer globally our oil-tempered wires for valve springs used in combustion engines, the heart of the automobile, and in the functional components of automatic transmissions.

Company Profile

Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp

Established October 2005
Representative Masayuki Ono, President
Capital 475 million yen
Employees 38
Business base Muroran City, Hokkaido
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