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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.407]

Affiliated Company of the Month: Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc.

Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc. was established in 2002, when Sumitomo Electric's communication access equipment development and sales division was separated and made into a company on its own. On the foundation of network business developed since the early 1980s, the division entered the ADSL market in 1996 as one of the first players. Ever since, with FTTx as the market mainstream, Sumitomo Electric Networks has always been a leading broadband access communication equipment supplier with top-level market shares in Japan, offering a range of information network equipment that supports the information society.

Realizing cutting-edge network environment

Our company has progressed with the advances in broadband access network that have accompanied internet development.

Our products are diverse and responsive to various needs, ranging from network access equipment such as GE-PON and VDSL to application equipment such as IP telephone terminal adaptors, home gateways and IP set top boxes. We supply cluster equipment to Japanese and international telecom operators for their buildings and home-use ordinary terminals. Recently, we expanded our product line-up by adding embedded WiMAX communication modules for machine-to-machine data transmission required in professional-use equipment, such as automatic vending machines and digital signage devices, as well as high-speed coaxial cable modems for creating coaxial LAN environments, in hotels, schools and other such buildings. We hope to expand our share of new markets with such products.



Workplace Atmosphere

We cherish teamwork.
When the Tokyo Head Office relocated to Shinagawa Ward in March 2006, an employees' shared space called "Magnet Area" was created, based on a new office space concept that aims at realizing a personnel-friendly working environment. Magnet Area is used for personnel relaxation or meetings and adds an open atmosphere to our workplace. At the Tokyo Head Office, our employees and those from affiliated companies and others take part in Futsal games from time to time. Through powerful, fast-paced games, they vie for points and deepen friendships at the same time. We hope to maintain our workplace as one in which open and active communication takes place, and people can work in a lively and cheerful manner.

Magnet Area



Future Developments

We are planning to reinforce our overseas business so as to realize the earliest possible market entry in Asia and North America, where FTTH is spreading. We are also expanding the sales channels of embedded WiMAX communication modules for wireless communication, which we launched last year, since demand for the modules is expanding remarkably for use in innovative marketing and advertising media.

We intend to continue our contributions to information society progress by developing products that quickly and flexibly respond to technological trends on the basis of our solid technological expertise built up through competition, and our strong operating system based on the Sumitomo Spirit.

Company Profile

Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc.

Established August 1, 2002
Representative Yasushi Kida, President
Capital 3 billion yen
Employees 227
Business bases Shinagawa, Tokyo; Konohana, Osaka
Overseas bases Shanghai, China
Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc.
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