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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.406]

Central Processing System for ITS Spot System

Information System to Unite Drivers, Cars and Roads

Sumitomo Electric System Solutions Co., Ltd. offers products that help create a smooth road traffic environment. Its product portfolio includes image-based vehicle detection sensors, which acquire information on road traffic conditions, and the road-to-vehicle communication system*1, which provides acquired information to drivers.

We have recently completed the new installation of a central processing system for the ITS spot system, ordered by the Nagoya Branch of Central Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., and have put it into operation.

Central processing system for ITS spot system


ITS spot (courtesy of Central Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.)

In the ITS spot system, the central processing system collects and edits wide-area road traffic information and still images, which are sent via fast, high-capacity, two-way 5.8 GHz band DSRC2 to 269 ITS spots currently provided on expressways in the Chubu and Hokuriku districts. Vehicles equipped with an ITS spot-compatible automotive navigation system receive the information.

Compared with the conventional road-to-vehicle communication system, which uses 2.5 GHz band wireless communications, the new system offers the following functional enhancements for substantially improved user convenience.

1.Provides Wide-Area Road Traffic Information

Provision of wide-area road traffic information

The new system offers improved services to long-haul drivers, providing travel time and congestion information for a road length of some 1,000 km (in contrast to some 200 km with the conventional system).

2.Provides Road Traffic Conditions by Voice

The new system provides road traffic information by voice, such as "Drive carefully! Congestion ahead" to alert drivers.

3.Still image showing road conditions

Provides Road Conditions via Still Images

In times of snow, drivers can view still images of road conditions all the way to their destinations, and are advised to use snow tires.

4.Provides Alerts and Service/Parking Area Information via Graphics

Provides Alerts and Service/Parking Area Information via Graphics

The new system uses easy-to-understand graphics to alert drivers of congestion, fallen objects or disabled vehicles, and to guide them when they are approaching a service or parking area.


We will continue to address the challenge of building useful systems for safe, secure and comfortable driving.


*1 Road-to-vehicle communication system
One component of the Vehicle Information and Communication System (VICS) that uses beacons installed on expressways.
*2 DSRC: Dedicated Short Range Communications
One type of wireless communication system incorporated in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS); designed to provide short range two-way communications.

- DSRC is a trademark or registered trademark of the ITS Service Promotion Association ORG.
- VICS is a trademark or registered trademark of the Vehicle Information and Communication System Center.


Sumitomo Electric System Solutions Co., Ltd.

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