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Newsletter "SEI NEWS" 2011

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[Newsletter "SEI NEWS" Vol.406]

Affiliated Company of the Month: SEI Optifrontier Co., Ltd.

SEI Optifrontier Co., Ltd. was established in July 2010 as a result of the merger of Toyokuni Electric Cable Co., Ltd., Sumiden High Precision Co., Ltd. and the design and production section of Lightwave Network Products Division, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Drawing on these three parties' accumulated technologies and know-how regarding FTTH-related products, we continue to explore the frontiers of lightwave network products and focus our efforts on new value creation.

Challenge to New Value Creation

SEI Optifrontier was created by uniting Toyokuni Electric Cable, a company that had mainly manufactured optical cables, connectors and optical splitter modules, Sumiden High Precision, a manufacturer of optical connectors and fusion splicers, tools for network construction, optical data link etc., and the design and production section of Sumitomo Electric' s Lightwave Network Products Division, a unit focusing on network products.

With advancement in FTTH networks, our products have been increasingly used in various fields supporting the information-oriented society: optical cables connecting telecommunications carrier buildings and homes, connectorized cords for data center applications, optical add-drop multiplexers and amplifiers used to control or amplify optical signals, and optical fiber network monitoring systems that monitor optical lines to detect failures and collect information. In addition, our optical fusion splicers, removers and other tools are widely used in Japan and abroad at optical fiber network construction sites and the manufacturing sites of lightwave network products.

Workplace Atmosphere

Suwa Branch Office in rich natural surroundings

Suwa Branch Office, one of our business locations, mainly manufactures optical fusion splicers and tools for network construction. Situated close to the prefectural border between Nagano and Yamanashi, this facility is surrounded by the beautiful Japanese Southern Alps and Yatsugatake mountains, the location providing scenic landscape views during each season. On the upland, approximately 950 meters above sea level, it is cool and comfortable during summer. At nearby Lake Suwa, one can enjoy fireworks displays in summer and surf smelt fishing in winter. Another spectacular attraction is Onbashira, a traditional festival held in every six years by Suwa-taisha Shrine. During this time, a festive mood prevails over the entire Suwa area.

Suwa Branch Office


Onbashira Festival

Future Development

SEI Optifrontier celebrates its first anniversary in July. Since its founding, the Company has pursued a synergic effect through the merger by creating a more efficient domestic production structure and enhancing sales and marketing capabilities through sales network consolidation. While further pursuing synergy, we will also take an active part in the FTTH market, which is expected to grow and expand globally. We will work strenuously to develop new products and quickly introduce to the market, thereby increasing our international competitiveness.

Meanwhile, we will achieve high performance in SEQCDD (Safety, Environment, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Research & Development), the basics for manufacturers, while providing attractive, high-quality products and services. We strive to enhance customer satisfaction as Sumitomo Electric Group' s core company that designs and produces lightwave network products.

Company Profile

SEI Optifrontier Co., Ltd.

Established July 1, 2010
Representative Naoki Yoshioka, President
Capital 660 million yen
Employees 1,100 (consolidated)
Business bases Yokohama, Saitama, Shonan, Suwa, Tokyo, Osaka
SEI Optifrontier Co., Ltd.
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