October 2015

October 27, 2015 3:30 PM

SEWS Gives Back to Local Community

Hello! This is Megan Shefchik, an intern with the General Affairs Department at Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc. (SEWS), located in the United States.

The United Way of Southern Kentucky "Day of Caring" is an annual structured volunteer opportunity that provides participants with an outlet to give back to their community. The Day of Caring joins businesses and organizations with non-profit groups to complete needed projects. The 7th annual Day of Caring was held on July 29, 2015. This is the first year that all Day of Caring projects impacted only issues in Education, Income, Health, and Safety Net.

Steve Wallace, President and CEO of United Way of Southern Kentucky, explains the United Way Day of Caring and what it means to the community; "Every day, life in southern Kentucky is made a little bit better by the caring spirit of tens of thousands of volunteers who work with United Way. On July 29, more than 1,200 of them took their caring spirit one step further and joined the United Way Day of Caring movement. They completed over 80 projects for local nonprofits throughout our communities - important projects that many of these nonprofits would probably not have completed this year because of limited budgets, staffing, or simply time. I'm incredibly humbled by the compassion of all of our volunteers, and cannot think of a better way to describe what it truly means to LIVE UNITED."

This year we took on 2 projects, both of which encouraged associates to bring in items for collection drives. The projects supported the Warren County Family Resource Centers' English Language Learners' (ELL) Classrooms and the second helped support the Barren River Area Safe Space (BRASS).* The Bowling Green Administrative Office, Scottsville and Edmonton, Kentucky joined our forces to take part in the Day of Caring and help make a difference in our community.

Each year at school, regular classrooms receive supplies and materials from parents and families, but the families of refugee and immigrant students are often unable to contribute, leaving the ESL/ELL classrooms and students with few supplies. The supply drive we conducted helped stock their classrooms for the fall when all the students return to school. Incidentally, after the completion of our BRASS Stuffed Animals Drive we had collected over 300 stuffed animals to donate.
We are incredibly grateful to be able to do our part and give back to the community by participating in this event each year! We look forward to contributing next year and joining in on this special Day of Caring.

BRASS* A regional domestic violence shelter that provides services to the ten-county Barren River Area Development District. When children first arrive at the shelter, oftentimes they do not have anything of their own. BRASS gives these children a stuffed animal of their own which so often times acts as a source of comfort. After the completion of our BRASS Stuffed Animals Drive we had collected over 300 stuffed animals to donate.

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