May 2015

May 28, 2015 8:55 AM

We Participated in Akasaka-Aoyama Cleanup Campaign!

Go-anzenni (Maintain safety)! I'm Tokita of the Tokyo Office of Sumiden Friend, Ltd.

Members of the Tokyo Office of Sumiden Friend, Ltd.

▲ Members of the Tokyo Office of Sumiden Friend, Ltd.

It has been one year since the Tokyo Office of Sumiden Friend, Ltd. was opened in May 2014 at the Tokyo Head Office of Sumitomo Electric. Time really flies!
Since this is the first time for us to do business with other than Sumitomo Electric's Works, we first did various new things in a trial and error manner. The first thing we worked on was the main business of Sumiden Friend, namely greenery business (installation and maintenance of ornamental plants). For this one year, we have been steadily expanding the range of our businesses, including cleanup of meeting rooms on each floor of the head office.

Meanwhile, since the opening of our Tokyo Office, we have been a regular participant in the Akasaka-Aoyama Cleanup Campaign, which is held by Minato Ward, Tokyo, where the Tokyo Head Office is located. We engage in this cleanup campaign together with local residents and companies.
In Akasaka and Aoyama, which I'm sure many people want to visit, we continue picking up garbage conscientiously for about one hour on each occasion. Although it may seem that there is no garbage, we often find a lot of empty cans and cigarette butts under plants in the streets.

Picking up garbage!

▲ Picking up garbage!

Commemorative photo with Akasakamen, Akasaka's goodwill ambassador

▲ Commemorative photo with Akasakamen, Akasaka's goodwill ambassador

While picking up garbage, we can enjoy communicating with other participants, making the event even more significant and valuable. We would like to continue to participate in this activity, aiming for perfect attendance at every occasion of this campaign.

Sumiden Friend, Ltd.

Sumiden Friend, Ltd.
Established in July 2008 (head office: Sumitomo Electric's Itami Works). This is Sumitomo Electric's special affiliate company,* established based on the Sumitomo Electric Group Basic Principles for Social Contribution, in order to make a further contribution to society.
* Subsidiary established by a company for the purpose of employing disabled people, based on the Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities. To establish such a company, an authorization from the national government is necessary.

May 11, 2015 4:40 PM

Blood Donation at SEPM

Hello, everyone! I am Murgan of Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd (SEPM).

As in previous years, we opened a one-day blood donation room in our factory on March 18 this year. We are not sure the exact year of its establishment, but it has been active for more than 20 years.

The program had initiated itself when one of a government hospital staff members approached our First Aider Team members on the possibility of running a blood donation program. The team then had a meeting among the members and proceeded to organize a campaign. From there onward, the blood donation program was made a yearly affair and was included into the First Aider Yearly Activity Plan.

In 2010, the First Aider Team has come under the wings of the Safety Department, by which the activity was monitored and assisted. We always try our best to have this event annually, but due to unavoidable factors, at times the event could not be carried out.

▲ Many employees donated their blood.

▲ Donating blood "It's not painful...Ouch!"

This year, 113 employees registered themselves to donate blood. Out of these registered blood donors, 109 of them donated blood. The rest of them couldn't due to some medical reasons.

For the event, 7 staff members came from the hospital, and they were assisted by 9 SEPM employees. The blood donation started at 9:30 a.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m. A total of 86 bags of blood was collected. The event was a success. We will strive to help lots of people next year with support from many employees.