September 2014

September 12, 2014 9:15 AM

Students from a Prefectural School in Hiroshima Visit Us!

Hello, everyone. I am Iguchi of Tokyo HR Group, Human Resources Department, HR & Administration Division.

On August 1, 42 students from a prefectural high school in Hiroshima visited us at our Tokyo head office. The visit was part of the Top Leader High School Support Program promoted by the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education. In Hiroshima, the Prefectural Board of Education designates several high schools as "Top Leader High School," aiming to develop and produce the next-generation top leaders with high aims. Accordingly, the program is designed for students of the designated high schools to establish independent study habits and adopt a more ambitious attitude toward the realization of high-level career goals. The program includes a visit to a university and a company located outside Hiroshima Prefecture, and we began working together on the program three years ago.

On the day of their visit, the students first listened to a presentation on our business and manufacturing. They also observed actual items among our products, such as a superconducting cable without any electric resistance, which is currently receiving attention as an ultimate material for electric wires and cables, and an optical fiber cable, which supports broadband networks. The students seemed very interested in our technology, which is deeply connected with people’s daily lives and society.

Since the theme of their visit to us this year was “Future Dream,” we asked the students what they wanted to be in the future. They described a wide variety of dreams, such as becoming a doctor, working at an airline company, and working as an engineer (I’m happy with this answer!). This was followed by a game in which they experienced business from the viewpoint of a manufacturer. Divided into teams of five or six students, they made designated products out of paper and then tried to sell them. The teams competed against one another in sales. Each team needed to think about the structures of material procurement and mass production. All the students were ambitious enough to try various strategies in this game, generating a very exciting atmosphere.

The visit concluded with messages from Mr. Kensuke Takezawa, who is an employee of Sumitomo Electric and a member of our athletics club. Looking back on his high school days, he told the students that he had made great efforts to realize his dream of going on to university and competing in the Hakone Ekiden (long-distance relay race). He encouraged the students to realize their dreams by working hard without forgetting the importance of “well-planned preparation” and “continuance.”

We hope that what the students experienced in their visit with us will serve as a good opportunity for them to consider their future careers. We support their bright future!