August 2014

August 25, 2014 3:50 PM

SHC Receives Internship Students

Hello, everybody. I'm Fujita of SHC Co., Ltd.

Four years ago, we began to receive internship students from Toyama Prefectural Takaoka Kogei High School. The high school teaches mainly industrial and arts-related subjects. This year, for three days from July 2, two second-year students from the machinery department and the electronic machinery department experienced working at SHC.

In the first half of the internship program, the students tried deburring* air springs used for railway vehicles, such as the Bullet Train, while in the second half, they inspected the performance of rubber coated cloth used as a material for these products. The students engaged in all their allotted tasks with complete seriousness. The internship program seemed to help them understand that in order to ensure safety for the many railroad users, the manufacture of defective items is never allowed, and that in order to meet the designated standard, each staff member works on their own individual tasks with a sense of responsibility.

We hope that what they have learned through the internship program will be useful for their future school life, and help them when they decide their future careers.

*Deburring: Smoothing rough edges or ridges generated on a processed surface when the relevant item is shaven

SHC Co., Ltd.

SHC Co., Ltd.
Headquartered in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture, SHC Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide variety of rubber coated cloth products, such as air springs for vehicles, including the Bullet Train, industrial air springs used for industrial machinery and precision equipment, and inflatable rubber dams for installation in rivers.

August 25, 2014 3:10 PM

SDV Cooperates for an Internship Program

Hello, everyone. I am Nakanishi of SD Vietnam Industries (SDV).

At the request of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Japan, we cooperated on one of the university’s internship programs and received a student from the university in March. To keep pace with the globalization of companies, the university works hard on developing human resources who can demonstrate their capabilities through all of Asia. As part of such efforts, the internship program this time is designed to provide an opportunity for students who would like to work overseas in the future to understand the actual situation of Japanese companies developing business in foreign countries, and to consider the significance of working as a member of global society, thereby enhancing their motivation for working outside Japan. Approving that objective, we received a student from the university for the first time.

An internship program student

▲An internship program student

In the two-week internship program, the student worked in all phases of the wiring harness manufacturing process, and also tried some paperwork, such as designs and estimates. He said that he had never worked at a plant or experienced an environment where there were very few Japanese around him. As might be expected of a student wishing to participate in an internship program held overseas, however, he soon got along well with his Vietnamese staff members and worked very hard.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese staff members were also active in training him beyond the language barrier. They probably felt pleased and honored that a Japanese university student came to their country in order to receive training at their company. On the final day of the internship program, the student was interviewed about his impressions of the program and his experiences during his stay in Vietnam. The interview was published on the front page of our in-house newsletter Ngay Moi, I believe which helped all the staff members understand the significance of the internship program. Moreover, knowing that the internship program was reported by a Japanese newspaper, the staff members of the department to which the student was assigned were very pleased. It seems that receiving the internship student was a good stimulus for us.

We would like to continue cooperating with these internship programs, and thereby contribute to society.

SD Vietnam Industries, Ltd.

SD Vietnam Industries, Ltd.
Established in 2003 in Hanoi, SD Vietnam Industries is funded by Sumiden Shoji Co., Ltd., Onamba Co., Ltd., and Bessho Densen K.K. The company manufactures wiring harnesses (for air conditioners and construction machines).