September 2013

September 3, 2013 5:51 PM

Participated in Clean-Up Campaign of the Area around the Ebie Mudflats

Hello, readers!! I am Suizu of the Safety & Environment Group of the Osaka Works.

Scorching summer days are continuing and the singing cicadas are becoming louder and louder, making us feel even hotter :-(.
(By the way, I heard that most of the cicadas found in Osaka City are Cryptotympana facialis.) Please take care not to get heatstroke!!

As part of the SWITCH Plus Campaign, we in the Safety & Environment Group of the Osaka Works began engaging in volunteer activities three years ago. This year, on Sunday, June 9, we participated in a clean-up campaign (organized by NPO Gomingo Osaka) for the area around the Ebie mudflats, on the left bank of the Yodo River. The campaign attracted 82 people, five of whom were from Sumitomo Electric.

The target place was located right under the recently opened part of the Yodogawa-Sagansen expressway. Although it was a very muggy day, participants continued picking up garbage in their designated areas silently. Some participants carried away abandoned bicycles, tires and other heavy items, while others found hazardous wastes such as spray cans.

I was very surprised to find that participants included a dozen people from Saudi Arabia on a sightseeing trip in Japan.

In the approximately two-hour activity, 49 bags of waste were collected. I heard that much more waste is generated when it rains, because the waste is carried from upstream. The activity enabled us to feel a sense of achievement of preventing so much waste from flowing into the sea, as well as a sense of completion of heavy work, making the get-together after the activity (among Sumitomo Electric members) even more fun! :-))

If you know anyone you think might be interested in this volunteer activity, please don’t hesitate to contact us.