April 2013

April 26, 2013 7:01 PM

Inari Festival at Yokohama Works

I’m Watanabe of the HR & Administration Group, Yokohama Works.

On Sunday, April 7, the Inari Festival was held at Yokohama Works to commemorate the company’s establishment. Although the wind was strong, the rain, which had been falling that morning, stopped before the event started. The festival drew about 1,200 people, including staff members, their families, and local residents.

At the event venue secured on the premises of Yokohama Works, various items from the Tohoku region were sold to support the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Also, Home Shimogo, an activity facility for disabled people, set up a booth at the venue and sold their goods.

Booth of Home Shimogo, selling delicious cookies and other items

▲Booth of Home Shimogo, selling delicious cookies and other items

We have been developing a close association with Home Shimogo for more than ten years now. The association began when they provided us with cookies they had made for our staff members participating in our campaign of cleaning the area around the company. Presently, they have their direct sales booth at our in-house store, and sell their items at the booth.

On the day of the Inari Festival, many people bought a wide variety of items made by Home Shimogo, such as bead straps and Japanese-style postcards hand made from milk cartons.

One of our staff training programs is conducted at Home Shimogo. The scope of our interaction with the facility is enhanced year by year. We hope that we will continue the good relationship through various forms of interaction.

April 26, 2013 5:59 PM

SEI Group CSR Foundation Holds Party for Scholarship Students

Hello! I’m Ikeda of the secretariat of the SEI Group CSR Foundation(*).

The SEI Group CSR Foundation provides scholarships for international students studying in Japan. In FY 2012, we granted scholarships to 16 students. The other day, inviting four such scholarship students who recently completed their masters programs at the end of March, we held a party to celebrate their two years of hard work and asked them about their research results and future aspirations.

All four are students in science-related majors. What impressed us most was that, although they came from China or Taiwan, they spoke Japanese fluently and explained their research activities passionately. Prior to the party, we showed them around Sumitomo Yuho-en garden in Kyoto, although it was a little bit early to enjoy cherry blossoms. At the party, they also said that they were moved by the beauty of the garden.

Although the four students all had made different career choices, we would be very happy if they utilize what they have learned in Japan and contribute to society.

(*) SEI Group CSR Foundation
The foundation was established in April 2009 for the purposes of contributing to developing human resources and promoting academic activities in various fields both in Japan and overseas. The foundation was certified as a public service corporation in February 2010.
Website:SEI Group CSR Foundation Website

April 5, 2013 6:38 PM

Participated in the Osaka International Women’s Marathon as Volunteer Roadside Attendant!

Hello! I’m Fukuda of SEI Business Creates, Inc.

The Osaka International Women’s Marathon, which is loved as a herald of spring in Naniwa (Osaka), was held on January 27, 2013, Sunday. I participated in the event again this year as a volunteer roadside attendant. I began to join this activity with employees from Sumitomo Electric, and this year marked our 32nd participation.

This year’s race doubled as a trial for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics to be held in Moscow in August. In addition to a full marathon, in which 500 athletes competed, the 2013 Osaka Half Marathon was held, in which 5,000 runners participated.

Providing security

▲Providing security

I worked as a roadside attendant at the areas around the 12 km and 33 km marks, which both half and full marathon runners passed through. With approximately 30 volunteers, I spent about six hours in chilly weather conditions at a temperature of 4C˚, taking care of bicycle parking, guiding spectators, installing traffic signs, and doing other activities to ensure a smooth race operation.

While engaged in the volunteer activities, we, of course, never forgot to cheer on the runners! Seeing Noritaka Fujiyama, a member of Sumitomo Electric’s athletics club, running, we called out to him “Keep it up!” Obliging us, he performed well enough to come second place in the men’s division of the registration of the Japan Association of Athletics Federation.

I hear that approximately 3,000 persons participated in this year’s event as volunteers. As one of them, I believe that I was able to contribute in some small way to making the event even more exciting.

With other volunteer staff members

▲With other volunteer staff members