February 2013

February 1, 2013 1:15 PM

Participated in Cleaning Campaign for River in Kumatori Town

Hello, everyone! I’m Mr. Mukoyama of the Planning Section, the Administrative Department of Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer Inc.

On October 20, a cleaning campaign for a river in Kumatori Town was held. We began to participate in the campaign last year.

On the day of the event, under a fresh, clear autumn sky in October, many people from various companies and other organizations in Kumatori joined the campaign. From our company, 11 members participated and began to clean the river at 9 o’clock in the morning. Carrying in our heart the pride of being a member of the Sumitomo Electric Group, we were fully ready to contribute to the campaign!


▲Clean-up activity

The Mide River, which was cleaned in the campaign, originates from the lush green Okuyama-Ameyama Nature Park. Running through Kumatori Town, Izumisano City, and Kaizuka City, and finally reaching Osaka Bay at Nishiki-no-hama, this is a small river with a total length of approximately 12 km. For water quality, it was ignominiously ranked among the five worst rivers in Japan for several successive years. Subsequently, the river was ranked as the worst in Japan in 2007, and the worst in Osaka Prefecture in 2008. However, I hear that the situation is improving through today’s measures regarding water cycle restoration. The cleaning campaign was conducted this time at the upper basin of the Mide River, where industrial waste that was believed to be illegally dumped, rather than domestic waste, was observed. (Even though the situation surrounding the river is improving, I hear that the amount of the waste collected in the campaign amounted to approximately 1 ton!)

While engaging in the campaign, perhaps thanks to the efforts that had been made thus far, we were able to spot frogs and fish. In addition, many Japanese fireflies can now be seen along the Mide River, compared to other places in Kumatori Town. I’m looking forward to observing them in the early spring.

With Jump-kun

▲With Jump kun

At the closing ceremony of the campaign, we took commemorative photographs with Jump-kun, a mascot character for the PR of Kumatori Town. Depicted on the surface of a manhole in Kumatori, Jump-kun is an idol to the people of the town. All the participants in the campaign were really pleased to see the mascot. After the end of the ceremony, all of us returned to our company dormitory and had a barbeque for lunch. We had not participated in a volunteer activity for quite some time. It was especially rewarding to enjoy lunch together after working for other people and our town! Increasing our affection for the town where we work, the campaign served as a very good opportunity to deepen our interactions with other members of our company. We were happy to be able to spend such a significant holiday.

I hear that this campaign will continue to be held every autumn. I’m looking forward to participating in it again!