April 2012

April 4, 2012 7:50 PM

Participated in the Junior Volleyball Class

Coaching with a smile

▲ Coaching with a smile

Hello! I’m Inobe, of the Hybrid Products Division, Sumitomo Electric.
I am also a member of the Osaka Works’ Volleyball Club.

Having been invited as an instructor by the Athletic Association of Shimizu Kita District, Fukui City, which is my hometown, I participated in the Junior Volleyball Class, which was held on February 19.

I was a little worried about how many young people in my hometown would come. But on that day, as many as 40 elementary and junior high school students gathered to take our lesson. I was touched.

Junior high school students and elementary school students practiced separately. In coaching junior high students, who already had a firm technical foundation in volleyball, we gained enthusiasm in coaching as they soaked up our advice. We were able to enjoy a mini game between the instructor team and junior high team, though there were moments when we on the instructor team got excited enough to forget that we were playing the match with junior high students, especially when our captain, Ishida, who had played fantastically as a receiver in ordinary games, beautifully blocked an attack from the student team.

Coaching on receiving

▲ Coaching on receiving

Children playing excitedly

▲ Children playing excitedly

Since it was the first time for many of the elementary school children to play volleyball, we made a drastic change in the initial schedule and started by making them get used to the ball. Osaka Works’ Volleyball Club has held a Class for mother’s volleyball teams in nearby communities, but this was the first experience for us to coach someone from scratch. This experience made us painfully aware of the efforts of those who coached us when we were amateurs.


The scheduled time quickly finished, leaving some coaching items unfinished, but if we were able to convey the joy of volleyball, then that was for me an achievement greater than anything.

It was also a fruitful and rewarding day for all of us instructors when we experienced the children’s innocent inquisitiveness and responded to their unexpected reactions and questions.

I would like to express my gratitude to the people of the Athletic Association of Shimizu, Kita District, Fukui City who held the volleyball class and invited me as an instructor, as well as the elementary and junior high school students who participated in the class. Thank you all very much.

We will continue our devotion to volleyball while conveying what is good about the sport. We look forward to your continued encouragement and support for Osaka Works’ Volleyball Club

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