November 2011

November 24, 2011 11:10 AM

CSR Report

Efforts introduced in this report

▲ Efforts introduced in this report

Hi! I'm Sakai, an administrator of this blog.

In October, Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. released the SWS CSR Report 2011(in English).

On October 6, the efforts of Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand) Ltd. were reported on this blog. In a special article in the CSR report titled "Feature For the Future, For the Earth,Thailand CSR-Activity," further details of these efforts are provided.

Sumitomo Electric Industries' CSR Report 2011 is available on the website of Sumitomo Electric Industries. In a special article in the CSR report titled "SEI CSR EYE," the main focus is placed on research and development. The article features the efforts of the NEXT Center, and explains the Micro Smart-Grid Demonstration System as concrete examples. Moreover, the report introduces the company's newly-established Global Human Resource Management Policy, and also this blog!! 

I would like to conclude by expressing my sincere sympathy for those affected by the heavy flooding in Thailand. I hope that the affected areas will recover as soon as possible.

November 2, 2011 4:50 PM

Hama Road Clean-up by Yokohama Works

Hello, I’m Kato of the Safety & Environment Group of Yokohama Works.

Surrounded by a lush green environment, the Works is located near Shonan Beach and Enoshima Island. On a fine day, we can enjoy a splendid view of Japan’s highest mountain, Mt. Fuji. We’re blessed in our location and environment (where raccoon dogs make occasional appearances).

Hama Road registration board

▲ Hama Road registration board

In June 2000, we started a volunteer activity to clean the area around the Works. With the theme of “Creating an Earth-friendly Environment,” we pick up cigarette butts, empty cans, PET bottles and other trash scattered on the streets in the area around the Works’ vast 400,000 m2 site. The clean-up area is divided into four zones.

When the clean-up activity was held for the first time, about 75 persons participated in it. In 2002, the activity was named as the “Clean-up of the Area around the Works.” In 2008, we registered as a Hama Road Supporter, as a member of a project promoted by Yokohama City. The clean-up activity, held every two months, is established firmly enough to draw about 120 participants every time.

Clean-up activity

▲ Clean-up activity

Hama Road after the clean-up activity

▲ Hama Road after the clean-up activity

In addition to the Hama Road Clean-up, we clean our commuting routes every month from Ofuna Station, the nearest station, to the south gate of the Works. When we’re engaged in the clean-up, some residents in the community say to us, “Thank you very much!” suggesting that our activity has taken root in the community.

Moreover, we buy cookies made at facilities for disabled people, and give the cookies to people participating in the clean-up.

We’d like to actively continue working on environmental beautification, together with people in the community.

Yokohama Works of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Yokohama Works of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Located near the border of Yokohama City and Kamakura City, Yokohama Works serves as a base of manufacturing and development of information- and communications-related products. The Works is engaged in manufacturing, research and development of mainly optical fiber cables and optical communication equipment. Employees number about 1,800. This year will mark the 50th anniversary since the Works’ establishment in 1961.

Business Locations of Sumitomo Electric : Yokohama Works