May 2011

May 16, 2011 10:00 AM

The "Smile Relay" begins.

Hi, my name is Sakai, and I'm in charge of the Smile Relay of the Public Relations Department.

Upon commencement of the "Smile Relay," I would like to briefly introduce this blog.

The Sumitomo Electric Group is a large corporate enterprise with more than 300 consolidated subsidiaries in over 30 countries worldwide, mainly in Japan, Asia, the U.S. and Europe, employing more than 170,000 people. The Group not only provides outstanding products and services, but also respects the cultures and customs of each country and region in order to contribute to the local economy and society through socially harmonious corporate activities. In this blog, we hope to introduce scenes of smiling exchanges and communications born through corporate citizen activities conducted by Group employees all over the world.

If you would like to learn more about the Group's fundamental principles of social contribution, please visit for more details.

... OK, enough with the formal talk :-)
I personally think that Sumitomo Electric tends to be invisible to the public eye, both in its products and its social contribution activities. As the person in charge, I would like this blog to give the company a face that the public can relate to!

Also, we have added Comments and Trackback functions to the blog to enable bilateral communication with our blog readers. We welcome and eagerly await your opinions and comments! :-)
Thank you for reading, and please look forward to additional exciting entries.

In starting this blog, I thought that posting only an introductory entry wouldn't do... So, below are recaps of some of our past activities. Please take a look! ;-)

May 16, 2011 9:50 AM

Pray for Japan from South Africa

Ms. Brenda (left) and、Ms. Eustacia (right)

▲ Ms. Brenda (left) and、Ms. Eustacia (right)

I’m Yamawaki, of SEWS South Africa Pty. Ltd, located in South Africa. Soon after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, employees of the company proposed sending donations to help disaster victims, and launched fund-raising activities.

Ms. Brenda (left in photo) played a central role in raising relief money from factory staff, and Ms. Eustacia (right in photo) worked as a coordinator of various support activities, including the purchase of “Pray for Japan” charity T-shirts.

We collected about 116,000 yen in relief money, including 58,000 yen raised from staff, and monetary donations from myself and the company.

In conjunction with the fund-raising activities, we purchased charity T-shirts for all employees of our company, so that they can wear the shirts on casual days. It is said that 80% of the T-shirt sales will be used as aid money. Combined with about 160,000 yen paid to buy the charity T-shirts, we donated about 276,000 yen in total to help victims of the earthquake and tsunamis.

Our donations were sent through a volunteer group, Pray for Japan from South Africa, mainly comprising Japanese women who work for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in South Africa. This group is working as an assistant unit of a Japanese NPO, ADRA Japan (the Japanese branch of ADRA, an international NGO with about 250 branches around the world) in South Africa. In the recent charity initiatives, Pray for Japan from South Africa collected donations of about 4 million yen, including proceeds from the sale of 3,500 T-shirts and relief money.

One reason why our company chose to send its donations through this group was that it started charity activities only two days after the Great East Japan Earthquake, far sooner than the Japanese Embassy, Japanese associations and other similar organizations. Another reason was that we considered it more effective to entrust our money to an organization that already managed on-site shelters, rather than to the Red Cross or other large organizations, for which our sincere but small contributions would just be a drop in the bucket. Our company employees are also very pleased with this decision.

SEWS South Africa is a small company located next to Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd., in Durban Area, South Africa. With about 100 employees, our company produces automotive wiring harnesses (and is said to be the smallest among harness manufacturers in the Sumitomo Electric Group). Although our company is small, all of us sincerely pray for the souls of the disaster victims, and fervently hope for the earliest possible recovery of the disaster-struck regions and all those affected.

Apart from the charity T-shirts for my company’s employees, I personally bought 70 T-shirts, most of which were kindly purchased by employees of Toyota Motor Corporation and affiliated companies. Kintetsu World Express Inc. provided us with generous support in transporting the charity T-shirts from Johannesburg to Durban free of charge. Let us take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all those who have given us such kind cooperation.

All employees of SEWS South Africa

▲ All employees of SEWS South Africa


SEWS South Africa Pty. Ltd.
Established in 2004 in Durban, South Africa, SEWS South Africa Pty. Ltd. produces and sells automotive wiring harnesses and automotive components. The company has about 100 employees, its sales amounting to approximately 1.2 billion yen. In Africa, Japanese cars enjoy high popularity; some European automobile manufacturers, to produce cars for Japan and other Asian countries, have established production facilities in South Africa, where right-hand drive vehicles are standard.

May 16, 2011 9:40 AM

Kumatori Road Race

imageHello, everyone. I’m Saiki, of Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

On March 6 this year, the 21st Kumatori Road Race was held in Kumatori Town, Osaka Prefecture. Three courses of different distances were offered: 3 km (for families/junior high school students), 5 km and 10 km. This road race uses the Osaka University of Heath and Sport Sciences track as the starting/finishing point. Participants run the hilly running courses, taking on their individual challenges. Though not large in scale, the Kumatori Road Race has taken root in the Sennan district as a popular event heralding the arrival of spring.

This year’s race featured Mr. Kenji Moriwaki, entertainer, as a guest runner. Following an amusing introduction, participants started the race in a friendly mood. The weather forecast had predicted rain for the day of the event, but as it turned out the day was fine, ideal for running. Immediately after the closing ceremony, however, the sky suddenly turned dark and a few drops of rain began to fall.

I’m sure that many participants greatly enjoyed the race. They ranged from serious runners and athletics club members, who aimed at better times and ranks, to couples from northern Osaka, three-generation family groups and elderly runners cheered on by their grandchildren, to “cosplaying” (dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character) lads who somehow recorded good finishing times.


Each year thus far, about 10 employees of Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer have participated as volunteers in managing the race. This year, many young employees living in the company dormitory joined us.

We were in charge of issuing completion certificates to all who finished the race. It was very hectic, though, especially when several runners over different distances finished at the same time. The area near the finish line was in constant confusion: some participants nearly left for home without receiving their completion certificates, others got in the wrong line, and others clustered together with their friends and families, making it difficult for us to issue the right certificates to the right finishers.

Nevertheless, it was very heartwarming to hear participants, after finishing the race, speaking so happily with their families and friends about their races and finishing times, or to see parents praising their children’s efforts in the race. As a member of this community I will continue to be involved in the Kumatori Road Race, which brings happiness to so many.


Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.
Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc. (Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka) was spun off from Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. in July, 1999. The company’s two major business domains handle irradiated products, represented by Sumitube™ and Irrax™ tube, and polymeric products such as Sumiflon™ and Poreflon™. Using its unique technology, the company contributes to a wide range of industries, including automobiles, information and communications, home electronics and infrastructure.


May 16, 2011 9:30 AM

Summary of athletics practice in 2010

Hello, I’m Kondo, of the HR & Administration Group, Itami Works of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
To contribute to regional sports promotion, Itami Works held a total of four monthly sessions of athletic practice for local junior high school students between November last year and February this year.

The athletic practice is organized by the Itami City Athletics Association and supported by the Itami City Board of Education. Sumitomo Electric has cosponsored the practices for three years. Designed for boy and girl track-and-field athletes (particularly sprinters) from six junior high schools in Itami City, the practice was held at Sumitomo Multipurpose Sports Field, located near Itami Works. Members of our company’s athletics club coached the participants. The enthusiastic coaching from our club members was well received, not only by participating students, but also by junior high school teachers. The first session of the athletics practice was highlighted by the participation of Mr. Koji Ito, our athletics club advisor, who is the current Japanese record holder in the 100-m sprint and an associate professor at Konan University. Despite his busy schedule, he joined the event; his presence greatly inspired junior high school students in their practice.

All four sessions of the 2010 athletics practice were blessed with good weather, with over 400 junior high school students participating in total. Under the instruction of Sumitomo Electric athletics club members, students practiced hard. We were invigorated by their honest attitudes and untiring efforts.

At the 37th National Junior High School Athletics Championships in August last year, a woman student at Aramaki Junior High School, who had participated in our 2009 athletics practice, won national first place in the 100-meter race. Hoping that our athletic practice will continue to help participants become Japan’s top-level athletes, I am proud to report that our athletics practice of 2010 ended in success.


May 16, 2011 9:20 AM

Osaka Works – Rose Garden excursion report

At Rose Garden open day

▲ At Rose Garden Open Day

Hi! This is Sakai of the PR Dept.

Commemorating the 110th anniversary of the company, WinD Lab, a new laboratory building, was constructed at Osaka Works (located close to Universal Studios Japan). Last November, approximately 100 people from local neighborhood societies and related persons were invited to an excursion of the Rose Garden located next to the WinD Lab.

Can you believe that more than 100 species of roses grow in this Rose Garden!? Many of the species seem to be perpetual, blooming repeatedly throughout the year, so we were able to enjoy many rose in bloom even during the cold of November.


▲ Nostalgia

Though this looks like a different flower, it’s a rose called Nostalgia. The unique color scheme is so cute!

Since the Rose Garden is in its first year and still in the process of raising seedlings, the number of participants for this excursion was limited. But the plan is to open the garden to the wider public starting next year. So exciting!! :-)

Osaka Works is planning its Inari (Anniversary) Festival in April, and also will continue its greening activities and cleaning activities of the company’s vicinity to achieve a harmony with the local community, and will strive for social contribution activities that are rooted to the region.

May 16, 2011 9:10 AM

Itami Works – Greenery-Floral Festival report

Itami Works

▲ Itami Works

Hi! This is Sakai, in charge of the Smile Relay of the PR Dept.

Upon starting this blog, I’d like to introduce you to some of the activities conducted by Group employees. I had a great time participating in these!

The first one took place here!

This is an activity by Sumitomo Electric’s Itami Works, which aims to increase greening of their premises to create a "workplace with lush greenery" that’s friendly to the environment.

On October 24, 2010, employees and their families as well as members of neighborhood associations were invited to the 4th annual Greenery-Floral Festival. (It’s called this because it celebrates greenery and flowers.)

The festival was visited by more than 1,300 people!!! It's great to know that this festival is taking root as one of the region’s festivals :-)

On the day of the festival, there were greenery- and floral-related events such as potting lessons and sweet potato digging, as well as other attractions such as a mobile zoo, paper airplane contest, and a performance by the brass band of the neighborhood junior high school. Many people enjoyed each of the events. The sweet potato digging, in its second year, was especially popular!
The big sweet potatoes looked very tasty :-)

A great festival to visit, especially with little kids! We hope to see residents in the neighborhood of the Itami Works there again next year.

Brass band of the neighborhood junior high school

▲ Brass band of the neighborhood junior high school

At sweet potato digging

▲ At sweet potato digging