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HVAC Underground Cables

AC 500 kV single-core underground cables

AC 500 kV single-core underground cables

Since the start of its business operation as Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works in Osaka in 1897, Sumitomo Electric has produced transmission and distribution cables and installed them both at home and abroad. Its cable business operation is still thriving as the Company’s founding business, contributing uninterruptedly to the supply of electric energy around the world as represented by the industry’s highest-voltage-class AC 500 kV basic transmission networks, urban distribution networks, and transmission lines for renewable energy.

Product features

A complete product lineup covering the full voltage range from low voltage to 500 kV extra-high-voltage
Reliable quality backed up by an extensive track record over many years
Highly reliable, quality technologies and products for jointing
Work execution following the customer’s schedule enabled by our framework, complete with cable laying and jointing

Product applications

  • Structuring of underground transmission and distribution networks in urban areas
  • Construction of customer-owned transmission lines for renewable energy

Accessories for cables

Rubber block joint

Rubber block joint

Accessories for power cables represent the key technology to cable system. We have been supplying all of the necessary accessories, including rubber block joint (RBJ).

Prefabricated Termination

Prefabricated Termination

Asahi Newpat 100™ (prefabricated terminations for 6,600-V XLPE cables) is the first product in Japan that employed the silicone rubber. This product is made from eco-friendly materials, and significantly reduces the time required for assembly.

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