Inspection of the Environment and Energy Group by Top Management

A little while ago, I participated in an inspection conducted on the Environment and Energy Group at the Osaka Works. Such an inspection is intended for the top management in attendance to listen to reports from relevant departments on their measures and check their manufacturing sites directly.

At the inspection, the Magnet Wire Division, the Hybrid Products Division and the Power Cable Division delivered reports to us on quality improvement, a more solid manufacturing foundation, a higher plant operational rate, etc. on behalf of the Environment and Energy Group. Although each of the divisions was generating favorable results, the executives in attendance gave them specific directions to enhance their management accuracy even more and told them not to be satisfied with the current situations. I also asked them to keep working hard for enhancing our corporate strength.

Next, we inspected the electric conductor plant, the power cable plant and the hybrid product plant, listening to reports on the measures taken at each manufacturing process. Although each plant was working on visualization toward increasing their productivity, the executives presented specific advice for further improvement.

Having been manufacturing electric wires and cables since the foundation of Sumitomo, the Environment and Energy Group has a long history. Presently, they are manufacturing products with growth potential and expectation of demand expansion, such as DC submarine cables for long-distance large-capacity power transmission of renewable energy, redox flow batteries for power storage, and flat wires for electric vehicle motors.

If the results of the manufacturing efforts reported at the inspection are shared throughout the plants and even with other works, including those located abroad, and such practices are built up, it will lead to great results. I requested that they make sure to share the results of their efforts with other manufacturing sites, transcending the boundaries of organizations, toward achieving our mid- and long-term plan VISION 2022.

Inspecting a plant
Inspecting a plant