Ceremony to Welcome New Staff Members

On April 2, we held a ceremony to welcome new staff members. Although some companies are having difficulty recruiting talented young people these days, we were able to welcomed 330 fresh members to our corporate group this year.

At the ceremony, each of the new members was called by his or her name, and then responded to the call before standing up. Looking at each of their faces and listening to their voices, I recalled the days when I had also been a new employee. I still remember being filled with a mix of expectations and anxiety, though it was a long time ago.


Afterwards, I delivered my message to the new staff members, which could be summarized in the following three points:
・Ensure that your work is based on the Sumitomo Business Spirit;
・Strive to become a professional who can generate innovation; and
・Maintain good communicationwith others.
I hope that taking due care of their health and safety, they will lead fulfilling lives as working professionals, and play core roles in our group.

Every year, when new employees are sent to training sections and assigned to various departments, a lively atmosphere is generated there. As existing members, we will work hard together with them, while receiving fresh stimuli from them and absorbing new insights seen from new perspectives.

Message from the President