Tohoku Products Fair

On July 27, I went to Tokyo on business and dropped by the Tohoku Products Fair held at our Tokyo Head Office. This event has been held every year since 2012, the year following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

When the earthquake hit Japan in 2011, I was president of Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH., a subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric, in Germany. Normally, German TV media seldom present news on Japan, but for the disaster, videos of tsunami engulfing towns were broadcast repeatedly. I still cannot forget how truly worried I was about what would become of Japan.

At that time, some important facilities of Sumitomo Electric, including those of our group companies, were damaged. However, in cooperation with business partners who worked hard to restore electricity and communication wires, our staff members were committed to recovery with a strong sense of responsibility. I still remember that I was deeply impressed that such dedicated people underpin the Sumitomo Electric Group, and ultimately the entire Japanese society.

I hope that we can be of some use by carrying out support activities, such as the Tohoku Products Fair. We would like to continue to provide support steadily.

Enjoyed shopping
Enjoyed shopping