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Application Example 1: Wastewater Recycling in the Taiwanese Electronics Industry


Taiwan has a low rainfall and needs to address the increasingly serious problem of water shortages. Large or new plants are required to recycle at least 85% of the wastewater that they discharge. In the electronics industry, where the majority of the new plants are being built, the trend in the amount of wastewater and industrial water being used is on the rise with increases in production volumes. Related costs impose a heavy burden on the industry. Failure to meet recycling rate regulations is subject to penalties such as a fine or suspension of operation. Accordingly, each company must incorporate wastewater recycling processes.


For production to continue, it is necessary to provide industry with water. To obtain this water, companies need to recycle the wastewater they discharge from their plants. Failure to do so may result in a penalty. However, in reusing wastewater as industrial water, some water quality requirements must be met. Companies are required to install new wastewater treatment system for this purpose.


The volume of wastewater is huge yet the available space for treatment is limited. Moreover, the quality of the treated water must be high enough to allow it to be reused. To meet these requirements, it was decided to introduce a membrane filtration system. However, since the components of plant wastewater vary depending on production conditions, the point of concern has been whether membrane filtration can provide a stable treatment performance. Specifically, a large variation in COD components was thought to affect membrane filtration, resulting in an unstable performance. Consequently, the challenge has been to select a membrane that resists fouling effectively and has the most stable performance.


Long-term field tests have been conducted to assess the quality of the treated water, operating performance, electricity consumption and the like for these systems. Sumitomo Electric's product was adopted because it showed superior test results compared with conventional systems and our competitors' membranes. Since the commencement of operation of the actual equipment, our system demonstrated a stable performance both for operation and for water quality, recycling wastewater reliably. The results are a recycling rate higher than 85% and reduced industrial water costs.

  Raw water Treated water
COD(mg/L) 155~2100
SDI   < 3
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