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POREFLON Microfiltration Membrane Module

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The strength of the Sumitomo Electric Group's water business is in its PTFE membranes, which feature excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and toughness, and in the membrane structure, a casing structure and system design that make the best use of these features. Our many current users, customers and other stakeholders highly evaluate our water business. We have formed long-range growth strategies that we are committed to.

However, our increase in personnel is lower than our business growth. Moreover, since the Sumitomo Electric Group needs to have more knowledge and experience in the water business, we want to work together with people who are interested in it, motivated for growth or already have knowledge and experience in the water business.

We welcome people who are willing to put their energy into the water business and make Sumitomo Electric's PTFE water treatment membranes and systems a global standard. We hire people of all nationalities.

In comparison with our competitors, our team is fairly small, but we are ready to give you the enjoyment that comes with creating a market and a sense of fulfillment from satisfying our customers. Each person is given a wide scope of responsibilities. All our team members work with enthusiasm.

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