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Development and release of AC6030M/AC6040M, new materials for stainless steel turning, and EM breaker for rough cutting

October 27, 2014
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

*This press release was issued on October 3, 2014 in Japan.

Sumitomo Electric has developed new materials, AC6030M/AC6040M, and the EM breaker for rough cutting, all for use in cutting tools for turning stainless steel. They provide stability and long tool life for processing ranging from general cutting to interrupted cutting of stainless steel. These products will go on sale from November 2014.

Stainless steel is highly durable and has a wide range of applications. It does not require solvent coating, reducing the burden on the environment, and it is also highly recyclable. Demand is growing steadily year on year. However, there are some problems involved in the cutting of stainless steel. The cutting surface is prone to hardening, and cutting edges are easily chipped. Thermal conductivity is low, making it difficult for cutting heat to escape - this results in high temperatures at the cutting edge, and the risk of plastic deformation. As stainless steel has a high affinity for the cutting material, it is prone to adhere to the cutting edge and is considered difficult to machine. Efficient and stable processing has therefore been an issue.

To resolve these problems, we have developed new materials for stainless steel turning, AC6030M/AC6040M, and the EM breaker for rough cutting.


1. Advantages

(1) AC6030M (CVD material)

Using a newly developed titanium boride compound as a coating for the outermost layer greatly improves strength, gives excellent surface smoothness to the coating layer, and makes stable processing a reality. AC6030M uses the “Absotech Platinum” coating developed using our own advanced CVD*1 technology, delivering at least double the anti-chipping effect of conventional coating layers, and producing a first-choice material for general turning of stainless steel, including greatly improved adhension resistance.

(2) AC6040M (PVD material)

Using a new composition TiAISiN multi-layered film with excellent heat resistance, the latest from our multi-layered film production. Application of interface control technology to the newly developed carbide base material and the coating layer achieves considerably improved peeling resistance for the coating layer. AC6040M uses the “Absotech Bronze” coating developed using our own advanced PVD*2 technology, producing a first-choice material for continuous processing of stainless steel with at least double the conventional anti-chipping effect, for applications including pipework components such as stainless steel valves, flanges, and joints.

(3) EM Breaker for rough cutting

We developed the new EM model for rough cutting to complement the existing EG model for medium cutting of stainless steel and EF model for finishing, producing a series of stainless steel processing breakers. The newly developed EM breaker for rough cutting maintains sharpness with excellent strength at the cutting edge. Smooth control of chips during rough processing prevents chipping of the cutting edge caused by these fragments, resulting in more stable processing of stainless steel.

2. Selection
AC6030M: 217 items, AC6040M: 132 items, EM Breaker: 44 items
3. Sales plan
¥500 million in the first year, ¥2.5 billion a year after 3 years
4. Price
Set the same as for our existing products.
(Standard model) AC6030M: CNMG120408N-EM ¥770 (¥832 with tax)
(Standard model) AC6040M: CNMG120408N-EM ¥770 (¥832 with tax)

*1 CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition):
An evaporation method for forming a thin layer of a substance. Involves forming a layer on substrate material heated in a reaction vessel by feeding in a raw material gas containing the components of the target layer, and allowing a chemical reaction to proceed in the gaseous phase or on the substrate surface.

*2 PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition):
An evaporation method for forming a thin layer on the surface of a substance. Involves the deposition of a thin layer of the target substance in the gaseous phase on the surface of the substance by means of a physical technique.

  • Absotech is a trademark of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
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