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Development and release of Coated SUMIBORON BNC2010/BNC2020, new CBN grades for machining of hardened steel

October 27, 2014
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

*This press release was issued on September 26, 2014 in Japan.

Sumitomo Electric has developed new CBN grades for machining of hardened steel, Coated SUMIBORON BNC2010/BNC2020. These new grades are more stable and have a longer tool life than conventional CBN grades for high precision to general machining of hardened steel. They will go on sale from November 2014.

BNC2010/BNC2020Cubic boron nitride (CBN) has a hardness second only to that of diamond. CBN sintered compacts produced by sintering CBN powder with a binder at high temperature and pressure have an expanding range of applications as cutting tools for high speed, high precision machining of hard-to-cut ferrous metals such as hardened steel and cast iron, used for car parts and the like.

In recent years, the automobile industry has started to use high hardness steels for transmissions and actuators. The edges of cutting blades used for machining are exposed to high temperatures and put under high load. The tool life tends to be unstable and short, a major issue for reducing the cost of machining parts.

In response to the need for tool grades with a more stable and longer tool life, we have developed new CBN grades for the machining of hardened steel, with a greater stability and a longer tool life than conventional grades, Coated SUMIBORON BNC2010/BNC2020.


1. Advantages

(1) BNC2010

By developping our own PVD*1 technology, BNC2010 features a CBN sintered compact base gradesintered after addition of a newly developed titanium carbonitride binder, and coated with a newly developed and unique multi-layered coating film with an innovative three-layer structure. Improving the quality of the blade edge enables an increase in the interval that can be cut for target surface roughness by 1.5 times over conventional capability. Combined use with the One use Wiper Inserts WG/WH type, our SUMIBORON product for high efficiency machining of hardened steel, results in increased machining efficiency and longer tool life even for the high precision machining required for a machining surface roughness of 1.6 µm. BNC2010 is a first-choice grade for high precision machining of hardened steel, and provides stability and a long tool life for finishing work requiring specific surface roughness or dimensional accuracy.

(2) BNC2020

BNC2020 greatly improves peeling resistance of the coating layer through application of a newly developed and unique adhesive layer to the interface of the newly developed strong CBN sintered compact base grade and our own TiAIN coating layer. This results in stability and long tool life for machining, even under high loads such as during continuous machining or carburization removal, resulting in a time until blade edge chipping of at least 1.5 times that of conventional grades. BNC2020 is a first choice grade for general machining of hardened steel. It is suitable for a wide range of machining uses, from finishing work to high efficiency machining, and it offers stability and a long tool life.

2. Selection
BNC2010: 141 items, BNC2020: 145 items
3. Sales plan
¥500 million in the first year, ¥3 billion a year after 3 years
4. Price
Set the same as for our existing product Coated SUMIBORON.
(Standard product) BNC2010: 4NC-CNGA120408 ¥10,500 (¥11,340 with tax)
(Standard product) BNC2020: 4NC-CNGA120408 ¥10,500 (¥11,340 with tax)

*1 PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition):
An evaporation method for forming a thin layer on the surface of a substance. Involves the deposition of a thin layer of the target substance in the gaseous phase on the surface of the substance by means of a physical technique.

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