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Sumitomo Electric Networks Director receives “ICT Business Promotion Award” from The Telecommunications Association (TTA)

- Contribution to ICT business development of IP set top boxes combining video and telecommunications -

June 2, 2014
Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc.

Mr. Hiroaki Nishimoto, Director and 2nd Technologies Group Manager of Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc., recently received the “ICT Business Promotion Award” from the general incorporated organization The Telecommunications Association (known below as The Telecommunications Association). Mr. Nishimoto received this award in recognition of his notable contribution to the development of the ICT business in Japan due to the activities he conducted as a leader in the development, practical implementation, and popularization of IP set top boxes for realizing advanced IPTV services combining video and telecommunications.

A presentation ceremony and award-receiving commemorative lecture were held in Tokyo’s Meiji Kinenkan on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Mr. Hiromi Wasai, Chairman of The Telecommunications Association, presents the awardMr. Hiroaki Nishimoto gives his commemorative lecture

About the ICT Business Promotion Award

This award was established in 2001 as the “Special Technology Development Awards” to commemorate the new millennium and the first year of the IT revolution. To mark the 75th anniversary of The Telecommunications Association in 2013, the name was changed to the “ICT Business Promotion Award” and applications began to be invited from the public.

In contrast to the TTA’s three traditional awards, the “TTA Awards”, “Meritorious Awards”, and “TTA Special Awards” which have a precondition for conferring the award that the person must have made a “long-term contribution”, the ICT business is wide-ranging and in an era of rapid development. In order to allow immediate honoring of achievements that are recognized to have greatly contributed to this development, the awarding stipulations were partly revised and this award was newly established in order to promote an even higher level of popularization and development of the entire telecommunications business.

In principle, the award is presented to individuals satisfying the following respective items.

  • 1) The person should have made a distinguished contribution to the technical promotion, popularization, or development of ICT business (See Note below), undertaking a central and leading role. Note: ICT business also includes the component systems (software and hardware) that comprise the finished products.
  • 2) The persons should not have been awarded in the past by other public organizations or institutions for the achievements corresponding to the award.
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