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President’s Welcome Message to New Recruits (summary)

April 7, 2014
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Masayoshi Matsumoto, President & CEO

*This press release was issued on April 1, 2014 in Japan.

Congratulations on your employment, and my warm welcome to Sumitomo Electric on behalf of the entire group. I am truly happy to have the variety of talented people who are all motivated and excited to lead the next generation in our group.

Since FY 2013, the Sumitomo Electric Group has been striving to achieve the new mid-term management plan VISION 2017. Under this group-wide plan, each department in the Group has developed and implemented its own plan to accomplish key targets, based on growth strategies focusing on “innovation.” At the same time, we have set the following three priority initiatives that the entire group must work on:

  1. - Strengthening our services for both established and prospective customers, while striving to create new markets,
  2. - Promoting globalization and diversity of the Group, and
  3. - Accelerating the launch of newly developed products and technologies with clearly defined targets and timelines in mind.

The ultimate goal is to become a “Glorious Excellent Company,” which is the ideal state for the Group. To achieve this goal, it is essential that each one of you, as a new member of the Group, demonstrate your capabilities to the fullest. With encouragement and expectations for all of you, I make the following two requests.


1. Master the basics of your work, and do your work conscientiously

At any company, there are many basic rules, such as clerical guidelines and work procedures. I first would like you to be fully aware of such rules and adhere to them, as well as comply with laws, regulations and social norms, and then carry out your role in good faith.

I also call on each one of you to have a strong sense of ownership, to serve not as a cogwheel for the company but as a main driving force, and to perform your assigned duties and role with integrity. By doing so, you will become a great force to shine a light not only on your spot but also on the entire group.

To this end, when pursuing your duties, please bear in your mind Banji-nissei, meaning “Do your sincere best not only in business but also in every aspect of your life.” Established by the founding father of the Sumitomo family, Masatomo Sumitomo, this philosophy was passed down from one generation to the next for 400 years throughout Sumitomo’s history as the basis of the Sumitomo Spirit.

2. Take great care of your communication with others

The Sumitomo Electric Group has grown to be a huge organization employing more than 200,000 people in more than 30 countries, but the Group is supported by individual efforts in a wide variety of workplaces. I ask staff members at each workplace to accomplish their targets by actively communicating with those concerned, including supervisors, seniors and colleagues, while keeping a good sense of tension. By doing so, they can better create a warm and open working environment. I hope that you will join in such active communication.

In addition, due to the progress of globalization, you will have many opportunities to experience diversity in your workplace and discuss with members of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, and genders. In this regard, I definitely urge you to acquire English proficiency as a communication tool.

I would like to conclude my greetings by wishing for excellent health and great success in your working life.

The number of new recruits

Specialist posts: 142

General posts: 5

Technical posts: 55

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