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Traffic Flow Monitoring System

Surveillance and Analysis of Expressways are also essential for creating a safe and secure mobility environment.

This system finds rapid changes in road situations by detecting "abnormal driving behavior of running vehicles" and creates information such as traffic congestions and required travel time based on data sent by vehicle detection sensors.

Vehicle Detectors

Loop coil sensors buried under roadways, ultrasonic sensors installed on roads, and image processing sensors detect vehicles passing through. This system also automatically detects abnormal driving behaviors such as stopped, slow or swerving vehicles.

Central Processing Device

The device obtains information on traffic congestion and required travel time by processing sensor data in real time. The information is provided as traffic information via various media.

Information Provision Device

Information boards on roads constantly provide information on traffic situations such as congestion.

Traffic Flow Monitoring System

Central Computers for traffic volume counting / Congestion tail end information message sign

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