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Image Processing Vehicle Detector


Image Processing Vehicle Detector

This device detects vehicles and outputs traffic flow information such as volume, occupancy, presence, speed, classification, and queue length in multiple lanes by processing images taken by a monitoring camera installed over roads.

The data and images can be transmitted to the Traffic Management Center. The Traffic Management Center realizes optimal signal control by making use of the data and can monitor the status of congestion with the images.
Actuated traffic signal control such as gap control or dilemma control can be also realized by sending the presence or speed pulse output to a traffic signal controller directly.



  • Numerous traffic variables (refer to Functions and Capabilities)

Outdoor use

  • Wide temperature range (refer to Hardware Specifications)
  • Proprietary processing board for continuous 24/7 operation
  • Sunshield hood
  • Front Heater Glass prevents condensation & turns off at higher temperatures. Lens hood protects against heat loss to cold winds.
  • Surge protection for AC input, LAN, and pulse output
  • Field-proven hardware and software

Easy and flexible installation and setup

  • Compact and lightweight (refer to Hardware Specifications)
  • Camera direction: Video acquisition from either front or back of vehicle(Front of vehicle is standard.)
  • 18x zoom lens
  • Parameter setting with GUI software


  • Communicates remotely through Internet protocol (IP).
  • Analog video output for on-site maintenance
  • Dedicated LAN port for on-site maintenance

Functions and capabilities

Function Capability
Traffic Measurement  
  Vehicle DetectionDetects vehicle in each lane on the detection line. Up to 4 lanes
Vehicles traveling under 120 km/h
SpeedMeasures average speed of each vehicle.
Vehicle TypeSmall or large of each vehicle
PresenceDetects vehicle presence in each lane within detection area.*
Queue LengthMeasures length of queue in each lane. 2 lanes max.**
150m max.
Image transmission Transmits JPEG color images. 30kB/image max.

*Up to 65m for 4 lanes, 80m for 1-3 lanes
**Any 2 of 4 lanes may be selected.

Hardware Specifications

Image Processing Vehicle Detector
DimensionsCamera: 124(W) x 95.5(H) x 335(D) [mm]
Control unit: 215(W) x 380(H) x 110(D) [mm]
WeightCamera unit: 4kg or less
Control unit: 8kg or less
Operating Temperature and Humidity-20~+50℃/40~90%
Supply VoltageAC100/120/240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption60VA or less
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