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Far Infrared Vehicle Detector


Far Infrared Vehicle Detector

This device detects vehicles based on the temperature differences between roads and motor vehicles. It can detect vehicles from oblique directions, and therefore it can be mounted on a pole directly (arm less) or a shorter mounting arm and is more aesthetically acceptable. Moreover, it can be powered by a solar cell battery because of low power consumption.


Compared to conventional sensors, far infrared vehicle detectors benefit from easier installation and a more attractive appearance.

Wireless installation

No power cables: Far infrared vehicle detectors feature low current consumption at just 1/100 the level of conventional modes (10mW) and can be powered using a small solar panel.
No signal cables: The detection signal is sent using wireless transmission(specified low-power wireless transmission, 200m)

Shorter arm length thanks to side-fire technology

Sensors can be installed without long arms to avoid detracting from the beauty of the surrounding area.



Far Infrared Vehicle Detector
Key specifications
Sensor unit
   Vehicle detection method Far infrared passive sensor
   Measured characteristics Vehicle presence
Radio data transmission unit Compliant with ARIB STD-T67. "Telemeter, Telecontrol and Data Transmission Radio Equipment for Specified Low-Power Radio Station."
   Frequency 40 channels, 429.2500 to 429.7375MHz
   Transmission range 200m (line of sight)
   Operational configuration 1:4 simplex communications
External interface Open collector (detection signal)
Power supply Can be powered by either a solar panel or 100V AC.
Applications Traffic flow measurement (measurement of number and occupancy rate of vehicles)
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