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Automatic Incident Detection System (AID)

The system supports efficient surveillance of highway (including tunnels) by automatically detecting following incidents by processing image data captured by CCTV cameras installed on highway or in tunnels and lock the monitor at incident location.

  • Stopped Vehicles
  • Low Speed Vehicles / Speeding Vehicles
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Frequent Lane Change
  • Opposite Direction / Shoulder Road Traveling

Automatic Incident Detection System (AID)


  • The system reduces surveillance load of continuous watching CCTV monitor.
  • After a detection, user can do necessary actions such as message setting of incident occurrence and so forth to MS/VMS or arranging an emergency vehicle etc…
  • Cooperation with existing CCTV and/or MS/VMS systems realizes advanced automatic system.
    Feature automatically change and fix the displayed video to the incident scene, and overlay the information of change camera, and lane number on the video.
    MS/VMS system automatically display a speed warning on MS/VMS.
  • Using the stored data of incidents, user can make a statistical analysis such as tendency of incident to make a plan of road constructions etc…
  • Using the stored video of incidents including before the incident, user can check the situation after the incident occurred.
  • Traffic Flow Measurement (TFM) function can be added. TFM provides traffic volume, occupancy and average speed of each vehicle type (large, small). User can make a statistical analysis with the stored data to make a plan of road constructions as well as restricting vehicle entrance at some gates during congestion with real-time monitoring.
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