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Ubiquitous alliance project in Thailand


Traffic jams in the urban area of Bangkok have already become chronic. The congestion is contributing to a significant loss, and annual economic loss is said to amount to 60 billion baht. To alleviate the traffic congestion, it is indispensable to properly organize traffic demand on the basis of the sophistication of traffic signal control and to distribute traffic in view of traffic information provision.

The key to traffic signal control and traffic information provision is to correctly grasp entire traffic situation such as traffic volume that provides original data, or the length of traffic congestion. Meanwhile, widespread use of smartphone terminals can also be expected to contribute to probe information collection. Traffic congestion measurement based on probe information as well as the study on traffic signal control and traffic information provision are expected to serve to reduce the traffic congestion in the urban area of Bangkok.


The main functions of a traffic control system are to grasp traffic situation and to establish a safe and comfortable road traffic environment on the basis of traffic signal control and traffic information provision. This report studies the traffic spotting and possible application of probe information to traffic signal control on the basis of the probe data from 700 taxies running in the urban area of Bangkok as well as the traffic data obtained by ultrasonic and image processing vehicle detectors installed at the inflow section of the Asok intersection.


Output example: Congestion Information

Output examle: Congestion Information


  • Constructed the model system and verified the effectiveness of applying "detector and probe data" to Traffic Control Systems -> Reduce traffic congestions and CO2 emissions by 25%~
  • Improve traffic condition in Bangkok by implementing Advanced Traffic Control Systems with data fusion and by increasing in-vehicle probe units

*This report is written about "Survey research of application to traffic control systems and quality verification of traffic information", which is a Sumitomo Electric Industries' part of "Survey Research of Traffic Information Collection and Distribution System in Thailand" that Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan entrusted to Toyota Tsusho Corporation in 2010-2011.

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