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Approach to ITS in the Sumitomo Electric Group

The Sumitomo Electric Group is providing a wide range of products for integrated traffic control systems from various detectors, traffic controllers, central units, to transmission equipment between the center and terminal devices. The Group has many accomplishments in Japan including the world's largest traffic control center for the metropolitan police department. Focusing on intelligent traffic control systems, the Group is working on various subsystems to provide traffic information, support safe driving, take preventive measures against emergencies, improve the efficiency of traveler service and logistics, and support pedestrians, thus contributing to the realization of systems such as advanced mobile information systems (AMIS), driving safety support systems (DSSS), public transportation priority systems (PTPS) and fast emergency preemption systems.

Furthermore, the Sumitomo Electric Group is developing and marketing traffic information-related application programs indispensable for Telematics* delivery systems, which have been used by many service providers. The functions of these application programs include the provision of information such as prediction of traffic congestion or provision of optimum routes, positional information management, probe information processing and ecology and driving safety support, thus contributing to the establishment of a comfortable, eco-friendly traffic society.

Telematics is a system that links man with vehicles through communication lines to provide useful information to vehicle drivers. For example, it enables uploading the trajectory data collected from vehicles to the center, converts it into congestion data and provide it to vehicle drivers.

Approach to ITS in the Sumitomo Electric Group

Corporate brochure about ITS

Corporate brochure about ITS
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