Projects id The Forefront of Optical Fiber Development for the Cloud Society

Future of the Cloud Society — A revolutionary impact is changing society and business

Recently, a new paradigm called “cloud computing” has emerged in the rapidly developing world of ICT. Cloud computing (“cloud”) is a generic term for services that offer various IT resources such as database, storage and software as needed via the Internet. Thanks to these services, a new social and life infrastructure underpinned by a huge amount of data has been emerging. It connects various things, information and social activities. Its impact is not limited to increasing operational efficiency and reducing the cost of business. It will bring about a fundamental change in human society and herald a new era.

Various computing services including cloud are offered to the global market by IT giants that are based in North America and operate globally. Data centers play the key role in achieving these services. They store and utilize a huge amount of data using large-scale data storage and large-capacity data transmission equipment. Hyperscale data centers (hyperscale DCs), which are complexes of huge data center buildings, are deployed globally at multiple locations. Large-capacity optical fibers are required for high-speed transmission of a huge amount of data between the locations. The Sumitomo Electric Group has attracted public attention as a pioneer of optical fibers and cables for its capability to globally offer the ultra-high fiber count and ultra-low loss technologies that are required to achieve large-capacity optical fibers with the best quality. This feature story focuses on the active efforts made by the Sumitomo Electric Group to help create the new paradigm (cloud society) and the history of the development to achieve the ultra-high fiber count and ultra-low loss technologies.

Optical cables connect cloud computing globally

Optical Cables Underpin the Cloud Society
— Meeting the needs for larger transmission capacity

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