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Voices of participants (Trainee Program)


[Name] Yan

[Company]Sumitomo Electric Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

[Training program] HR Management

[Duration of Training] October 2011 – November 2011

[Location of Training] Itami Works, SEI Japan

*All the contents stated here are based on the interview that was held in 2012.

I joined Sumitomo Wiring Systems Shanghai (SWS-S), a Sumitomo Electric Group company  in 2006 and transferred to the current Sumitomo Electric Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (SMS) in December 2008. My current assignment is supporting HR management for group companies located in East China.

Being one of the members of the HR Center in China, I participated in a three-week training program in October 2011 at Itami Works to learn about HR management. We learned about HR management which is called “kin-roh” in Japanese, and I also took part in a training program for leaders working at manufacturing sites. We also visited various factories in Itami Works and Osaka Works, and a factory at an affiliated company in Kobe.

At first, I did not have a clue of what “kin-roh” activity was all about, but I eventually started to picture it after observing daily business operations, attending meetings, and listening to the explanations given from the people working at the factories. What impressed me the most was that kin-roh, under the principle of considering both corporate and individual development, pays careful attention  to employees,  not only in their work but also in their daily lives and mental and physical health care.

Although the employment system and the mindset of employees are different in China compared to those in Japan, I would like to make the most out of what I have learned, i.e. the concept of the attention given to every employee, strong communication and leadership training programs in China.

Yan Training SceneI majored in Japanese at university and worked for a Japanese company in China after graduating, but this was my first visit to Japan. For the HR members at Itami Works, it was the same for them, too, to accept a trainee from outside Japan, and they offered me a big welcome. I learned a lot from them about business and daily living. I also learned about Japanese culture by attending “nomikai” (drinking parties) and “tako-par” (which is an abbreviation for “takoyaki-party. ”Takoyaki is a dumpling with octopus inside.) It was an interesting experience for me and I was able to take home many fascinating memories of Japan.

My peers in Japan, thank you very much for giving me the chance to take part in this program, and I appreciate all the support you gave me during my stay in Japan.


[Name] Kiatisak

[Business Unit] Industrial Materials

[Company] Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.

[Position] Section Chief

[Duration of Training] October 2005 – April 2006

[Location of Training] Yokohama Kenshu Center (AOTS) and Tool Engineering Center, Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp., Hyogo, Japan

*All the contents stated here are based on the interview that was held in 2012.

Hello, my name is Kiatisak. I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. I joined Sumitomo Electric in 2005. I started as an Engineer, was promoted to Senior Engineer, and now I work as a Section Chief in the Sales Engineering Department.

In 2006, I received a chance from Sumitomo Electric Group and AOTS to study the Japanese language and learn about cutting tool technology in Japan. I spent a almost six months learning many things almost six months. Firstly, I studied basic Japanese language for 13 weeks at Yokohama Kenshu Center. In this class, I learnt Japanese speaking, listening, reading and writing for six days per week, and sometimes I experienced activities such as a field trip to Yamanashi-ken, a factory tour at a Japanese company, etc. So I could learn a great deal very quickly. In this class I also made many friends from China, Vietnam, India and Brazil, so I could learn about the cultures of each country. After finished this class I moved to Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp. in Itami. At this time, I learnt about SEI's cutting tool technology, for example, regarding the CNC lathe and CNC machining center machine, I learnt about controlling, programming and how to analyze the machining process, etc. In all of the training programs I tried hard to speak Japanese and listen to the Japanese language, so now I can communicate with Japanese staff, Japanese customers, and I can translate Japanese to Thai to explain things to other local staff.

Kiatisak Training SceneThis training program was very hard, but I am satisfied with the result. It can make someone who is unfamiliar with Japanese become able to use it.   And in this program I’m glad I could travel to many interesting places and learn about Japanese culture. Finally, I would like to say thanks for giving me the training opportunity and I hope that in the future, someone else can receive the same opportunity as me.

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