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Voices of participants
(Global Leadership Development Program)

Kevin Phillips

[Name] Kevin Phillips

[Business Unit] Automotives


[Position] Director and Chief Business Officer

[Location] Swansea, U.K.

[Description of Business] Manufacturing and sales of wiring harnesses and components for automobiles

*All the contents stated here are based on the interview that was held in 2012.

My career to date

My name is Kevin Phillips, and I am married and have three daughters. I live and work in South Wales, part of the United Kingdom. Following training as a Production Engineer with Ford Motor Company I joined our Company in 1983, as part of the Logistics function. Initially I was part of the Production Control Team but soon moved around the department. In 1989 I was appointed Manufacturing Manager for Wire Harness assembly on Honda and MG Rover products. During 1995 I became a Project Manager responsible for introducing Supply Chain Improvements within the Business.

Early in 1998 I took on the role of General Manager for SEWS-S, our newly formed harness manufacturing company in Topolcany, Slovakia. I spent 3 years in Slovakia before returning to the UK in March 2001, taking on responsibility for Honda Europe Business, as General Manager. Toyota Business was added to my responsibilities in 2009.

I was proud to be appointed a Director and Chief Business Officer of SEWS-E in July last year. My new role makes me responsible for all interfaces between SEWS-E and its Wiring Harness Customers.

My impression of the Global Leadership Development Program

In February this year, together with 38 colleagues from around the world I joined the SEI Global Leaders Program in Japan. We received a number of lectures from senior SEI Executives including a speech from Matsumoto san. I found the topics discussed to be interesting and I realized later – even though I have many years of experience within the SEI Group – how little I knew about the Company, its origins and field of operations.

The whole experience was positive, particularly having the opportunity to meet and form relationships with so many people of different backgrounds, experience and cultures. It also brought home to me the scale and diversity of the SEI Group.

The programme was undertaken over 4 days, split between Minami-Hakone Seminar House and Osaka Head Office culminating in 4 Group presentations made to Matsumoto san and other Senior SEI Executives. The whole event was finalized by way of a dinner party at SEI HQ.

Following the event we had the opportunity to visit the Sumitomo Family House, which really helped me to understand the history and philosophy of the Company. If any other SEI members have such an opportunity I would highly recommend they accept.

I would like to express my gratitude for receiving an invitation and to the SEI HR members who took good care of the group during our trip.

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