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Voices of participants
(Global Leadership Development Program)

Hong Xue

[Name] Hong Xue

[Business Unit] Infocommunications


[Position] Administration Department Vice Manager

[Location] Suzhou, China

[Description of Business] Optical Devices &Optical transviers

*All the contents stated here are based on the interview that was held in 2012.

My career to date

Hello! I am Hong Xue from Sumitomo Electric Photo-Electronics Components (Suzhou), Ltd. (SPEC). I’m very happy to meet you.

I joined SPEC in October 2007 and am currently working in the HR & Administration Department. SPEC started from scratch when it was established and has now grown into a large company with more than 600 employees. It has even been appraised as the best contributing company in Suzhou Science & Technology town in the Suzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. It’s very exciting to be able to grow and develop together with the company you work at.

Before I joined SPEC, I worked for a Japanese company dealing with human resource management. I was in charge of overall HR-related issues, from organizing training sessions, recruitment, salary, compensation and benefit adjustments, to building corporate organizations and facilitating employee communications. It wasn’t intentional from the beginning, but when I look back at my career, I see that I have consistently involved myself in human resource training. In my college days, my future dream was to become a teacher. Although I did not end up exactly as a school teacher, I am still “raising people” at my company. I am so grateful with what fate has led me to and am also grateful to my mentors who have shown me the way to where I stand today.

My impression of the Global Leadership Development Program

In August 2011, I was fortunate to participate in the Global Leadership Development Program (GLP) held by Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI). At each session, I was able to learn firsthand knowledge of vast perspectives such as the Sumitomo Electric Group’s Corporate Principles, human resource strategies, fruits of research from R&D, and social contribution activities. We visited the Sumitomo Yuhoen Villa, a garden closely associated with the Sumitomo family located in Kyoto, and enjoyed viewing the “Copper Bridge” and hearing the more-than-400-year Sumitomo history. I was deeply impressed that the Sumitomo Spirit established by the great predecessors matches perfectly with the spirit of oriental culture, i.e. “天人合一, 和諧共生” (Tenjin-gou-itsu, Wakai-kyou-sei), which are philosophical concepts from ancient China meaning “heaven, nature, and humanity are all connected by the medium of morality” and “harmonious coexistence” (or “man should be in harmony with nature, harmonious intergrowth”)

After I came back to Suzhou, I told my colleagues everything I had learned during my stay in Japan of the Sumitomo Spirit and the history of the company’s development. Today, owing to the internet, although we are a subsidiary located outside Japan, we can access SEI’s website anytime to browse the corporate newsletter and read the President’s blog to understand the latest events. We also have access to some of the training materials that we can use. The GLP program has motivated me very much and the virtue and dignity of the Sumitomo culture has affected me greatly. I would like to keep on making every possible effort to achieve a more prosperous future as a member of the Sumitomo Electric Group family.

I also went to training sessions held outside the company last November and December to learn about coaching skills. This year, I look forward to maximizing what I have learned through the coaching skill training and support my subordinates develop and grow so that they can achieve their goals.

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