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Voices of participants
(Global Leadership Development Program)

Oliver Weiss

[Name] Oliver Weiss

[Business Unit] Automotive

[Company] SEI ANTech-Europe GmbH (ANT-E)

[Location] Mainz-Kastel, Germany

[Education] Aerospace engineering

[Position] General Manager Wiring Harness and Components

[Description of Business] Research and development of automotive wiring harness technologies for European customers

[Years in SEI] 14 years

[Hobbies] Sports (e.g. football, triathlon, golf, skiing)

*All the contents stated here are based on the interview that was held in 2012.

My career to date

After my engineering studies, resulting in a master degree in aerospace engineering and a diploma thesis at Porsche, I joined a subsidiary of SEI in Germany in November 1997 and supported the opening of the first wiring harness engineering office in Germany.

In 1998 I moved to Japan for 2-years working in Yokkaichi and Suzuka for ANTech wiring harness R&D projects, and in the international wiring harness business group of SWS supporting activities for VW and Audi.

Since my return to Germany I was assigned to several different projects introducing SEI advanced automotive technology to European customers. In 2006 our German wiring harness engineering company was restructured and since then I have been responsible for our wiring harness and components R&D activities with European car manufacturers, with a special focus on projects for the VW group.

My impression of the Global Leadership Development Program

Since receiving the first information about the SEI University and its various training and education programs, I was hoping for the opportunity to join such a training in Japan in order to further improve my skills and knowledge. When receiving the invitation to participate in the 2012 global leadership development program I felt very honored to be nominated for this special management training as only a limited number of persons were selected previously.

During the 2 weeks training in Japan, we had a well-balanced agenda with an excellent mixture of theoretical lessons and practical workshops to enable us to immediately put into practice the concepts and approaches that were taught in the lectures. In addition to this, SEI group top managers shared their management strategies and future visions with us. It was also very impressive to hear more about the origin, the history and the spirit of Sumitomo and the SEI group business principles, combined with a visit to the Sumitomo Yuho-en garden(*1) in Kyoto.

Furthermore, my participation in the GLP offered an important forum to exchange ideas and thoughts with members from other SEI group companies. We shared our diverse experiences and know-how in many group discussions and I received valuable inputs to better master forthcoming challenges. It was also the perfect opportunity to broaden my own network within the SEI group and I will stay in contact with other participants using the SEI GEC network.(*2)

Overall, I was able to gain very valuable experiences and new knowledge through this GLP training program which will be beneficial for my future tasks and responsibilities. The GLP participation also raised my personal motivation to continuously develop my skills through self-study to play a more active part in our global business environment.

(*1) Sumitomo's founder's house
(*2) In-house online community system for executives and general managers in SEI Group.

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