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About Sumitomo Electric Group

Sumitomo Electric Group

Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works
Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works

The history of Sumitomo Electric Group traces back more than 400 years. It has its roots in the copper business operated by Sumitomo headquarters which established “Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works” in 1897, the forerunner of Sumitomo Electric Industries.

With an excellent manufacturing technique in copper wire as its base, and through an innovative approach to technology and business development, Sumitomo Electric Group has expanded to become a global corporate group that provides products, technologies and services in five major business segments: Automotive, Information & Communications, Electronics, Electric Wire & Cable, Energy and Industrial Materials.

World-leading Technology Development

  • Developed a nano-polycrystalline diamond, which is harder than the conventional diamonds.
  • Z-PLUS Fiber -- A long-distance, submarine optical fiber with the world’s lowest transmission loss.
  • Commenced a demonstration test of megawatt-class power generation/storage system.
  • The world's first commercial production of AZ91 magnesium alloy sheet.
  • Developed an automotive low-voltage wiring harness using aluminum wires.
  • Developed redox flow battery, which is suitable for effective use of renewable energy.
  • Succeeded in Japan’s first power transmission demonstration using our high-temperature superconducting cables.
  • The world’s first pure green semiconductor laser.
  • The world’s first molten salt electrolysis battery.
  • Developed POREFLON water treatment membrane module.
  • Established a Study Group on construction technology of offshore wind power generation plants.
  • World’s first pure green semiconductor laser

    Nano-polycrystalline diamond

  • World’s first molten salt electrolysis battery

    Redox flow battery

Global Presence

  • Ranked in the “Fortune Global 500” (Annual ranking of the world’s largest companies).
  • World’s second largest share in automotive wire harnesses and electric wiring systems, which connect automotive information and energy.
  • World’s top manufacturer of compound semiconductors (GaAs, GaN, InP), used widely in semiconductor lasers, LEDs and mobile communication devices.
  • World’s top manufacturer in optical fibers and optical communication devices, necessary for constructing optical communication networks.

Basic Management Policy

Sumitomo Electric Group, in accordance with the Sumitomo Spirit and the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, shall strive to be a group of companies worthy of society's trust by conducting business activities in an honest manner. Through practicing and fulfilling this basic management policy, Sumitomo Electric Group is aiming to become a “Glorious Excellent Company.  ”

Our principle towards Human Resource Management

“Respect for human resources” is one of the principles of the Sumitomo Spirit. Discovering, motivating and supporting talented people has been a tradition observed in Sumitomo Electric Group. The Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles stipulates that the group shall “nurture a lively corporate culture that enables employee self-improvement.”
The Sumitomo Electric Group Charter of Corporate Behavior stipulates in Article 9 the importance of a “Safe, Sound Workplace and Employees' Growth and Development”. We are committed to achieving these goals by developing human resource strategies and by various measures in regard to diversity, work & life balance, and developing global talents.

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