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Maintaining an open and supportive working environment, building a pyramid of crystal

The convergence of regional markets into one global market is currently underway, and international competition is ever intensifying. Under such circumstances, for us to realize the Medium-term Management Plan “VISION 2017”and the vision of a “Glorious Excellent Company,”I hope that we will continue making sincere efforts to construct our “pyramid of crystal,”a dynamic and transparent organization that will enable us to put all our resources together, ranging from informal information to knowledge and wisdom, and develop them into formal assets that enable great achievements.

As for every workplace, we aim to build a warm and supportive environment for all employees to work vigorously and intensively, and also a frank atmosphere that enables active communication. We encourage the creation of a cooperative working environment, where people can motivate each other so that they can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest, and build healthy relationships. We want to nurture a feeling of working toward the same goals with a sense of positive tension.

And to realize such goals, “communication” at all levels becomes the key. Sumitomo Electric Group offers many communication tools at various levels, whether in the workplace, according to location, or covering the whole group. Our people enjoy communicating with each other through various communication tools to enhance the sense of togetherness of the whole group.

Social Network Service for group executives

Social Network Service for group executivesWe have established an in-house Social Network Service (SNS) system for global executives so that they can promote global communication. SNS enables the global executives to share information despite the geographical, linguistic, and cultural distances among them.

Club activities & parties

  • Soccer club

    Soccer club

  • Volleyball team

    Volleyball team

  • US company celebrating the 20th anniversary of its foundation

    US company celebrating the 20th anniversary of its foundation

  • Lunch party in Singapore

    Lunch party in Singapore

“ALL SEI Magazine” – A newsletter for employees working outside Japan

"Global Magazine" – A newsletter for employees working outside JapanALL SEI Magazine is a quarterly newsletter for employees working outside Japan. The magazine is available in multiple languages and it contains information on the Sumitomo Spirit, which is the common foundation value of the SEI Group, Corporate Principles, messages from executives and reports on business performance. It is also a medium to share news about the business activities and social contributions performed by our group companies.

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