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High Fiber Count Optical Cables Solutions With FREEFORM Ribbon™

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  1. High cost of fiber network installation
  2. Increasing demand for optical fiber
  3. Long, difficult fiber preparation and cable laying

Here’s what you get
with Sumitomo Electric’s
optical cable solutions.

Lower Cost

Overwhelming cost advantages compared to conventional loose-tube cable.

Compared to conventional cables, Sumitomo Electric's ribbon slotted-core and microduct cables offer enormous cost savings in both initial investment and long-term maintenance cost. The higher the number of fibers and the longer the period of use, the more powerful the effect.

Cost structure for optical cable construction
Cost structure
Optical cable cost comparison in the first year

Loose-Tube vs. Ribbon Slotted-Core

Loose-Tube vs. Ribbon Slotted-Core<

Microduct vs. Sumitomo Microduct

Microduct vs. Sumitomo Microduct
Cost comparison of duct rental fee over 10 years
Cost comparison of duct rental fee over 10 years

Space Optimization

Optimizes duct space and ready for future fiber expansion.

Duct usage can be much more efficient with Sumitomo’s thinner high-fiber-count optical cables. In addition, thinner optical cable can be coiled on a smaller drum enabling lower shipping cost and storage fee.

864-fiber NDCable
Faster preparation

Faster Installation

Faster preparation, easier handling.

Our mass fusion splicer, TYPE-72M12, combined with dry cable construction brings you a dramatic working efficiency. By splicing 12-fiber ribbons at once, the splicing time is up to 5 times faster than single splice.

High Density



FREEFORM Ribbon™ enables dense fiber
packing and smaller cable diameters, enabling
higher densities in space-constrained situations.
In addition, the 12-fiber ribbon “FREEFORM”, which
has achieved the world’s highest level of precision,
is horizontally and vertically aligned. It provides the same
workability as conventional flat fiber ribbons. Sumitomo
Electric provides the 6,912F optical fiber cable which is the
world’s highest fiber count.

High Density

Able to pack higher fiber count compared to conventional ribbon fibers.

12-fiber ribbon

Mass Fusion Splicing

Splicing 12 fibers fusion at a time saves fusion splicing time dramatically.
80% reduction of time compared to 12 times of single splice.

Easy Connectivity

Ribbon is simply split into single fibers.
Easy compatibility with conventional loose tube cable.

Worldwide Training Support

Benefits to choosing Sumitomo Electric

We provide user-customized training and technical support globally.

Sumitomo Electric also places importance on post-delivery support and cooperates with local sales offices around the world to provide technical and commercial support close to the customer.

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