Multi Core Fiber
Ultra High Density Data Transmission

* This product is under development at the moment.
* For short reach application
  • Support High Density Optical Wiring and Silicon Photonics Input & Output
  • Alignment Technology for Low Loss Connectivity

All you need to employ MCF system are here

Sumitomo Electric has all related technologies to realize the practical MCF solution.

MCF connector

  • Practical insertion loss
  • Lower mating force & easier to clean than conventional multi-fiber connectors
  • SC, LC, MU, MT and MPO type
  • Physical contact by rotational alignment
Engineering Paper


  • Single 3D monolithic glass chip
  • Broad flat spectral response
  • Minimal insertion loss
  • Significantly smaller than alternative solutions
  • Provision for custom geometries
  • Precision core positioning
  • Flexible design: n xMCF to n xSMF

PIC coupler with MCF

  • End-to-end 200G transmission
  • For ultra-high-density on-board optics
  • Combined development with Luxtera, Inc., the leading silicon photonics vendor
Engineering Paper

Exective Interview at OFC2018

Sumitomo Electric is more than a fiber and optical transceiver vendor. We also have a vertically integrated passive optical interconnects products too! Watch this interview to learn more about our products as well as our latest demonstrations for high density on-board and co-packaged optics.