Tatsuo Saitoh
General Manager,
R&D for Optical Communication



  • 1984   Fiber Optics Division, Sumitomo Electric
  • 1992   Sumitomo Electric Fiber Optics Corp. (North Carolina, the U.S.)
  • 1997   Fiber Optics Division, Sumitomo Electric
  • 2004   Plant Manager, Optical Fiber Manufacturing dept., Kiyohara Sumiden
  • 2006   General Manager, Fiber Manufacturing dept., Optical Fiber and Cable div.
  • 2011   General Manager, Optical Transmission Media dept., Optical Communications Lab.
  • 2017   General Manager, Optical Communication Lab.

Primary Paper & Research

  • Small submarine optical cable unit using effective area enlarged type non-zero dispersion shifted fiber (NZ-DSF). 2000. Proceedings of the IEICE general conference. Communication(2), 428, 7 March, 2000.
  • Manufacturing method dependency of multi core fiber's hydrogen‐resistant characteristic. 2015. Proceedings of the Society Conference of IEICE. Communication (2), 171, 25 August, 2015


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