Takashi Sasaki
Vice President,



  • 1994   Received his M. E. degree from Tohoku University and joined Sumitomo Electric Industries, LTD.
  • 1994~   Research and led of optical fibre and optical products development projects at Optical Communications Laboratories and Optelectric Laboratories.
  • 2013   Co-chair at IEEE Summer topicals Meeting, and a sub-committee chair of OFC2011.
  • 2016   Innovation Core SEI, Inc, CA, USA.

Primary Paper & Research

  • T. Sasaki; K. Makihara; M. Hirano; T. Haruna; T. Kashiwada; S. Hagihara; M. Onishi. 2006. Novel dispersion compensating fiber with fluorine-doped cladding for simultaneous realization of high dispersion compensation efficiency and low attenuation. 2006 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and the National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference
  • T. Sasaki. 2009. Recent advances in highly nonlinear fiber. IEEE/LEOS Winter Topicals Meeting Series, 245-246.
  • T. Sasaki; T. Komiya; Y. Fujimura; M. Saito; S. Semura; M. Nishimura. 2001. Multi-channel power level monitor with upward-reflector and sensor-array integrated in planar lightwave circuit WB6. OFC 2001. Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibit.
  • Other Proceedings and Papers

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